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Dino Medal; (clockwise from top) Dragon Medal, Tyrannosaurus Medal, Mammoth Medal, Triceratops Medal, Tiger Medal, Pteranodon Medal

The Dino Medal is the main source of the Zyurangers' power. Each Zyuranger has a medal with an image of his/her Guardian Beast carved on it (except for DragonRanger Burai, who has a print of a Dragon's foot on his medal). The medal is stored in a silver plated Dino Buckler, while Burai had a gold plated one. When Geki becomes Armed Tyrannoranger, his Dino Buckler changes from silver to Gold.

There were 6 Dino Medals, as well as 6 owners for them:

Dino Medals can be transformed into Dinocrystals. When Burai passed away, his Dragon Medal crumbled into dust, however it was restored for the Great Legend War.


The Dino Medals are the symbols that appear and transform the Gokaigers and Gokai Silver into the Zyurangers when they insert the Zyuranger Ranger Keys into their Transformation Cellphone Mobilates and Transformation Cellphone Gokai Cellular respectively. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

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