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The Dino Gems are a set of five powerful objects created by the Red Morphin Master and was used by the Dino Thunder Rangers.


"Your gems are from the asteroid that crashed into Earth millions of years ago, wiping out the entire dinosaur population."
―Tommy explaining how the Gems originated.[src]
Dino Fury Dino Gems

The Morphin Masters creating the Dino Gems.

According to the Ninja Nexus Prism as seen by Zayto, the Dino Gems were among countless objects created by the Morphin Masters using the Morphin Grid and later sent out into the universe to fight evil. Tvicon TV STORY-Unexpected Guest.

Sometime later, the Dino Gems ended up on the meteorite that crashed into Earth and wiped out the dinosaurs. They were later discovered by Tommy Oliver, who hid them, knowing the risks of what would happen should they fall into the wrong hands.

He also solicited Hayley Ziktor to create four Dino Morphers, which can harness the powers of the Dino Gems, allowing the beneficiaries to become Power Rangers. After Conner, Ethan, and Kira bonded with the red, blue, and yellow Dino Gems, they were given three of the Morphers. Mesogog discovered the Black Dino Gem encased in amber, and captured Dr. Oliver. The good doctor managed to escape, with the Black Gem's powers bonding to him and allowing him use of the Black Morpher. Mesogog also had the White Gem, and secretly created his own Ranger Morpher to utilize its powers; this later came into the possession of Trent Mercer.

The Dino Gems were later drained of their power when the Rangers used it to destroy Mesogog for good, likely negating the Rangers' special abilities as well. Kira's gem was temporarily restored by the Sentinel Knight to allow her to fight alongside the Retro Rangers. Subsequently, the gems were also restored to an extent when they joined the Legendary Rangers. The gems were restored again when they joined the Legendary Dino Rangers.

Eventually, Tommy had incorporated his Black Dino Gem into his Master Morpher, allowing him to morph into his Black Dino Ranger form at any time. Sometime in the future, Broodwing found and restored the Red, Blue and Yellow Dino gems, bringing the Rangers from the past as part of a plot to destroy the B-Squad Rangers.

Powers/List of Gems[]

The Gems' powers do not belong to whoever holds the gems; instead, the Gems wait for an ideal beneficiary to grab them before they permanently transfer their powers into that beneficiary's DNA. This bonding is permanent, and only the death of the beneficiary can return the powers to the Gem. However, energy can apparently be drained from them without the need for the bond. Along with super powers, the Gems also serve as communication mediums between other Gems, like a set of five wrist-worn walkie-talkies.

Red Dino Gem

  • Red Dino Gem: Dino Gem of the Red Dino Ranger. Grants the user superhuman speed.

Blue Dino Gem

  • Blue Dino Gem: Dino Gem of the Blue Dino Ranger. Grants the user the ability to form super armored skin that can protect against physical attacks.

Yellow Dino Gem

  • Yellow Dino Gem: Dino Gem of the Yellow Dino Ranger. Grants the user the ability to emit a destructive sonic scream from their mouth.

Black Dino Gem

White Dino Gem

  • White Dino Gem: Dino Gem of the White Dino Ranger. Grants the user the ability to camouflage similar to a chameleon, ninja revelation, teleportation, and super speed.



  • It is currently unknown how the White Dino Gem came to be separated from the other four gems, nor how it became corrupted by evil, though it's possible Elsa experimented on it .
  • If the Triassic Ranger was a separate being, it is unknown if a Dino Gem would exist or if the Shield of Triumph was the Morpher.
  • Due to their vast similarities, many fans have believed that the Dino Gems were indirectly created by the Energems bleeding out some of its powers during the impact of the asteroids which wiped out the dinosaur population, infusing the minerals of the meteor. Apparently, this theory has been debunked when Dino Charge was revealed to be in its own dimension, along with the fact that the Dino Fury episode, Unexpected Guest revealed that the Dino Gems (along with the Energems) were created by the Morphin Masters.




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