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"It's Morphin' Time! Dino Fury Key activate! Link to Morphin' Grid!"
―Morphing Call

The Dino Fury Morphers are the morphing devices of the Dino Fury Rangers in Power Rangers Dino Fury. It can be used by the Dino Fury Rangers to teleport.


After the Void Knight used the Hengemen Key to turn them into his foot soldiers, Amelia Jones and Ollie Akana both equipped themselves with two Chromafury Sabers but were cornered until the Sabers equipped them with the Dino Fury Morphers. Solon equipped them with their Dino Fury Keys and they used them to transform. Together with the help of the newly reawakened Zayto, they defeated the Hengemen and forced the Void Knight to flee. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Destination Dinohenge


Dino Fury Morpher w/ T-Rex Dino Key

To summon the Morpher, the Rangers tap their communicators, causing the Morphers to materialize onto their wrist. They then present their Dino Fury Keys and unfold them before inserting them into the Morpher. The Rangers shout "Link to Morphin' Grid!" before flipping the metal part of the Morpher almost 360 degrees counter-clockwise, causing the Morphers to light up in their respective colors. The Rangers slam their fist on the ground and make a pose that create images of their respective dinosaurs roaring. Then they jump to the air and their bodies is engulfed in energy, each in their respective color as they land on the ground, causing the energy to materialize as their suits. Their helmets close on to their heads, completing the transformation.



Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 5 Team Morph Sequence-2

The Dino Fury Morphers appear on the Rangers' wrists with white flashes


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