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Not to be confused for the braneworld, Dino World, the name for Human World during the time of the dinosaurs.


Dino Earth (ダイノアース Daino Āsu) is an alternate universe created when a meteorite hit the Earth and killed off the dinosaurs, splitting the planet into two parallel universes: The prime Earth is referred to as Another-Earth by the residents of Dino Earth, where dinosaurs were still the superior species. Overtime, the Ryujins and Bakuryuus races came into being on Dino Earth but were at war with the Evolians, entities that emerged from the meteor. The two Earths were separate until Asuka, a Ryujin from Dino Earth, arrived on Earth via a transdimensional portal. However, he is followed by the Evolians in their Anamolicarus spaceship and the three Bakuryuus under their control. As the Bakuryuus Tyrannosaurus, Ptreranodon, and Triceratops attack Tokyo, a call was sent out to three destined ones who possessed DinoGuts to gain the powers to tame the three beasts. Together with their Bakuryuu partners, the three became Abarangers to protect their dimension from the Evolians.

After the Evolian's final defeat, Asuka, his wife Mahoro, their child Mikoto, and the Bakuryuus returned to rebuild their homeworld.


  • While not the first Super Sentai to have a theme of alternate worlds (both Denziman and Jetman has villains and allies also coming from other worlds), Dino Earth would be the first focused attempt of an alternate world that would become standard in several later Super Sentai, including in Magiranger with Magitopia and Infershia, Go-onger with its multiple Braneworlds, Gosei World of Goseiger and Zyuland of Zyuohger.
    • The idea of Dino Earth itself seems to have come from the Super Mario Bros. movie, where the dinosaur extinction event also caused the Earth to be split into two realities, with one where dinosaurs still thrive and humans evolve from them.

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