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"Dino Charger, ready!"
―Activation command[src]

Dino Chargers, or simply Chargers, are small, battery-like devices utilized by the Dino Charge Rangers. They were developed by Kendall Morgan to harness the immense power of the Energems while mitigating the risk of carrying one in public.

Upon discovering that the Ankylo Zord had awakened, Keeper deduced that the Aqua Energem had already been found and bonded with someone who had yet to reveal himself. In the meantime, Shelby and Kendall learned how to approximate the Energem's power by combining traces of Ankylosaurus DNA with the energies funneled from the existing Dino Chargers. From this the Ankylo Charger was made, allowing the Rangers to command the Ankylo Zord without the person who bonded with its Energem (at least temporarily).

It is later revealed the Morph X is compatible with the Dino Chargers. This is due to its fuel source, the Energems, being linked to the Morphing Grid.


Charging bay for the lost Energems and their to-be chargers.

To activate one, a Ranger presses down on a button on the negative side of the Charger, building the charge.

The Dino Chargers can summon their respective Zords as well as access special abilities, weapons, and power-ups. When in combat, the Chargers are stored in the Dino Com, a belt buckle that serves as a utility storage unit and communicator.

When not in use, the Dino Chargers are replenished by the Energems in a special charging bay also developed by Kendall.


These chargers are the main chargers of the Dino Charge Rangers. Each Ranger has three aesthetically identical Dino Chargers stored in their Dino Com, with each giving access to their main transformation, Dino Steel mode, and their respective Zords.

When used in a Morpher, the following Dino Chargers provide the Power Rangers certain powers. Some are conventional, while some are rather unusual.

Chargers that can allow Rangers to access stronger forms.

As part of SDCC 2015, Bandai released an exclusive Dino Charge Mighty Morphin' Charger set with each Dino Charger depicting four pictures. Each Charger featured the Ranger's Ranger form, the MMPR title, the Ranger's Dinozord, and the Ranger's individual weapon.

As part of NYCC 2015, Bandai released an exclusive Dino Charge Mighty Morphin' Movie Charger set with each Dino Charger depicting four pictures. Each Charger featured the Ranger's Ranger form, a weapon specific to that Ranger, the Ranger's NinjaZord, and the MMPR Movie title.

These Chargers were released as part of Series 3 of Dino Charger Power Packs. Each Charger features the team's Red Ranger, their Sixth Ranger/Extra Hero, the teams' main Megazord, and their main title.


  • Chargers for the toyline are about one half smaller than the prop chargers and have simply a black or white outlined number instead of a white number outlined in black. The names on the back of the toy chargers have the full name of the dinosaur compared to the back of the prop chargers that have a shortened dinosaur name (i.e. Parasaurolophus vs. Parasaur). In addition, the toy chargers have four "slides" as opposed to two like on the props and Zyudenchi.
  • Dino Chargers #18, #19, #21, #22, and #23 are only used in the activation of the Titano Zord, even though they have applications in the Dino Charge Morpher.
    • Furthermore only Dino Charger #21 (Dino Gravity Charger) was ever used in battle.
  • The Dino X Charger, known as the Maximum Zyudenchi in Kyoryuger, actually says "Maximum" on the back of the US toy. This has lead to most fans referring to it as the Maximum Charger.

Tobaspino Zyudenchi on top. Spino Charger on the bottom.

  • All of the Dino Chargers used in original footage have a metallic color as the Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Set DX was used. As such, the Spino Charger used in the show was an American-made prop. Both the Bandai of America toy and the Spino Charger prop have an error with them. The Spinosaurus on the Charger is missing its right leg.


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