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Amber Beach Dinosaur Zoo
"I am caveman from Dino Charge World where dinosaurs not extinct."

The Dino Charge World is the dimension where Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge takes place. This dimension's Earth was very much like the main Power Rangers universe until an entirely new timeline was created in the two last main episodes of Super Charge.

Original Timeline

The original timeline was destroyed in 2016 at the episode Edge of Extinction. Sledge and his main crew members are the only survivors left and lived on the main Earth for awhile since Echoes of Evil, while the Dino Charge Rangers, Heckyl and Keeper lives in the new timeline with the memories of their original timeline selves still intact. In 2018, Sledge’s crew from this former timeline has finally been destroyed by the Ninja Steel Rangers’ surprise christmas bombing ambush along with the formerly Galaxy Warriors ship, with the help from Koda.

New Timeline

The new timeline is created in the episode End of Extinction. There are few changes in this timeline:

  • Sledge and his crew are now dead for good, at the same time the asteroid hits Sledge’s ship instead, saving dinosaurs from extinction. However, it did not affect the fate of their original timeline’s future-present selves.
  • With Fury’s death, Sir Ivan’s fate of being trapped inside Fury’s body has been undone.
  • Lord Arcanon is defeated earlier after Heckyl becoming the second Keeper and before the Dark Energem fell into the former’s hand.
    • Because of this, Snide and Doomwing never came into existence.
      • Alternate continuity prior to Shattered Grid and Beyond the Grid has both Lord Arcanon and Snide destroyed, with the former destroyed by Heckyl/Dark Ranger and Snide destroyed by Zenowing, at the cost of the latter’s life on purifying Heckyl’s Dark Energem.
  • Koda and Sir Ivan return to their home timeline and can travel to the present timeline anytime through either Keeper’s aid or dimensional transportal devices developed by Time Force to the rest of the Rangers like them.


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