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"Dino Charge Megazord, ready!"
―Fusion announcement[src]

The Dino Charge Megazord is the Megazord piloted by the core Dino Charge Rangers. It's centered around the T-Rex Zord with the various other Zords forming the arms.


After gathering five Energems and, in effect, five sentient Zords, Kendall determined how to combine them to form the Dino Charge Megazord, beginning with the Tri-Stego Formation. Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Fool's Hour


Tri-Stego Formation

The initial "default" form is the Tri-Stego Formation, with the Tricera Zord forming the left arm and the Stego Zord forming the right arm.

Special attacks include the Flamethrower (a jet of flame fired from the T-Rex Zord's head when the Dino Blaze Charger is used), Stego Slash (a slash from the Stego Saber, formed from the Stego Shield and its tail) and Tricera Zord Power Drill (revolving the Tricera Zord's tail to stab into the enemies).

The formation has two different finishers. The first, but least used, is the T-Rex Zord Final Strike where the formation charges up the T-Rex Zord's head with energy before firing an energy construct of it to chomp down on the enemy with lethal results. This finishing move was only used twice however. The first was to destroy Scrapper in the episode "A Fools Hour" and to destroy two Vivizords during the battle against giant Shearfear in the episode "No Matter How You Slice It."

The 2nd and most commonly used finishing move is the Stego Saber Final Slash where it would transform the Stego Shield into the Stego Saber and then draw it around in the shape of a full moon. It would then skid forward at the monster, slicing into them and killing them immediately. It was first used to kill Cavity in the episode "The Tooth Hurts."

Appearances: DC Episodes 3, 4, 6, 8, 12-14, 16, 20, 22, DSC Episodes 7, 13, 19, BM S2 Episode 13

Stego-Raptor Formation

"Dino Charge Megazord Stego-Raptor Formation, ready!"
―Fusion announcement[src]

When the Tricera Zord is replaced by the Raptor Zord, the Megazord enters its Stego-Raptor Formation. In this form, the Megazord gains the Raptor Zord as a bladed arm, which allows it to execute the Final Flame Strike finishing attack where it charges the Raptor Zord with the energy from a fireball (generated from the T-Rex Zord's head) before skidding forward and slashing into the enemy with its energized claws.

Appearances: DC Episode 4, DSC Episode 3

Para-Raptor Formation

"Dino Charge Megazord Para-Raptor Formation, ready!"
―Fusion announcement[src]

When the Stego Zord is replaced by the Para Zord and the Raptor Zord replaces the Tricera Zord, the Megazord enters its Para-Raptor Formation. In this form, the Megazord gains the Para Zord as an arm blaster, which complements the melee capabilities of the Raptor Zord. The formation's special attack is the Para Zord Blast where the Para Zord's tail gun is rapidly fired at the enemy and the Bladed Raptor Slash where the enemy is slashed by the Raptor Zord's tail blades. The formation's final attack is the Para Zord Fireball Finish where it slashes with the Raptor Zord's tail blades and uses the Para Zord's tail gun to generate an orange fireball before charging it up with green energy and firing it forth right at the enemy, obliterating them on contact.

Appearances: DC Episodes 5, 9, 20, DSC Episode 2

Tri-Ankylo Formation

"Dino Charge Megazord Tri-Ankylo Formation, ready!"
―Fusion announcement[src]

When the Stego Zord is replaced by the Ankylo Zord, the Megazord enters its Tri-Ankylo Formation. In this form, the Megazord gains the Ankylo Zord as a hammer arm, which allows it to execute the Final Hammer Punch where the formation would spin on the spot, hitting the monster three times whilst spinning on the spot. The fourth and final spin would include the Ankylo Zord uppercutting the monster into the air where they would be blown apart.

Appearances: DC Episodes 7, 8, 17, 22, DSC Episode 19

Para-Stego Formation

"Dino Charge Megazord Para-Stego Formation, ready!"
―Fusion announcement[src]

When the Stego Zord is used on the left arm and the Para Zord is used on the right arm, the Megazord enters its Para-Stego Formation. In this form, the Megazord gains the Para Zord as an arm blaster, using it in conjunction with the Stego Shield, to block the attacks of Fury in the Ptera Charge Megazord.

Appearances: DC Episode 10

Ankylo-Pachy Formation

"Dino Charge Megazord Ankylo-Pachy Formation! Ready!"
―Fusion announcement[src]

When the Ankylo Zord and the Pachy Zord replace the Stego Zord and the Tricera Zord, the Megazord enters its Ankylo-Pachy Formation. In this form, the Megazord gains the Ankylo Zord as a hammer arm, and the Pachy Zord as a wrecking ball arm, which allows it to use kung-fu and execute the Pachy Zord Wrecking Ball Final Strike where the Pachy Zord's wrecking ball is sent zooming towards the monster with enough force to obliterate them in seconds. In the episode "Wishing For A Hero", it was powerful enough to destroy Wish Star and his two Vivizords with a single hit.

Appearances: DC Episodes 17, 19, 20

Beast-X King Formation

"Dino Charge Megazord Beast-X King Formation!"
―Combination Announcement[src]

When the Beast-X King Zord combines with the Dino Charge Megazord Tri-Stego Ptera Formation, the Megazord enters its Beast-X King Formation. In this form, the Megazord gains the head of the Beast-X King Zord as a shield.

Its finisher is unnamed and requires the participation of the Dino Megazord and Thundersaurus Megazord alongside it to perform. When all three Megazords combine their powers, the Beast-X King Formation fires a devastating orange beam of fire that hits the enemy with enough force to send it into space and explode. Although only used once, it was strong enough to destroy the Chimera Zord which had previously been immune to the Dino Drill and Stego Saber Lightning Charge Final Strike.

Appearances: BM S2 Episode 13

Legendary Ranger Devices

Dino Charge Megazord Ninja Power Star

The Dino Charge Megazord Ninja Power Star is a special Ninja Power Star that bears the likeness of the Dino Charge Megazord and is marked with the kanji for "machine". This will be a part of the upcoming Super Ninja Steel toyline and it's currently unknown if it will have an in-show appearance.

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