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Dino Charge Gold Sentries are a class of Lord Drakkon's Ranger Sentries whom are derived from the Dino Charge Gold Ranger.

Character History

At least two Dino Charge Gold Sentries were part of the Ranger Sentry army which defended Lord Drakkon's tower in the World of the Coinless in a final battle against the Power Rangers. They were fought by the trio of Jen Scotts/Time Force Pink, Chloe Ashford/HyperForce Pink, and Eric Myers/Quantum Ranger Megabattle Armor, with Jen advising Chloe to use her Hyperion Scythe to sever the cables to the Gold Sentries energy weapons that connected to their power packs. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 30


Dino Charge Gold Sentries are defensive shield wall infantry with heavy firepower to boot in the form of energy weapons. Their power is drawn from Sir Ivan's stolen Gold Ptera Morpher.

  • Riot Shield: The Gold Sentries are armed with gold and black Riot Shields to block incoming enemy fire or protect the advancing Mastodon and Sabertooth Sentry troops during battle.
  • Unnamed Energy Rifle Weapon: The Gold Sentries are equipped with an electric-based energy rifle that is tethered to a power cable which connects to a power pack on their backs. The weapon is a twisted militaristic version of the Gold Ptera Saber.

Behind the Scenes

  • They have a similar animal motif with the Pterodactyl Sentries (theirs being Pteranodons) who were removed from the ranks to enable Kimberly's re-emergence as Drakkon's Ranger Slayer. As such, they can be considered their replacements.


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