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"Bakuryuu Change!"
―Transformation call[src]

Dino Braces (ディノブレス Dino Buresu): The transformation device of the three core Abarangers. The Dino Plates (ダイノプレート Daino Purēto) attached to them are models of the Blastasaurs heads and speak for the Blastasaurs which can switch when talking to the other Blastasaurs. The transformation call is "Bakuryuu Change!" (爆竜チェンジ Bakuryū Chenji).

The Dino Brace reacts to anyone who possesses a strong amount of Dino Guts within their body; but there is no guarantee the transformation is successful. If the body has Dino Guts but isn't enough to withstand the suit, the transformation will fail, as it initially does with Ryunosuke Sugishita and Emiri Imanaka after they initially attempt to use the power.Ep. 1: Abare Dinosaur Big Charge!

Ranru's Ptera Dino Brace has the Search Beam (サーチビーム Sāchi Bīmu) and the Dino Laser (ダイノレイザー Daino Reizā).

At the climax of the Legend War, the Dino Braces were made redundant when the Abarangers sacrificed their powers with the rest of the first 34 Super Sentai to destroy the invasion force of the Space Empire Zangyack. Resurfacing as Ranger Keys, the Abaranger powers would be used by the Gokaigers to assume their forms via the Gokai Change. Ultimately, the Gokaigers returned their borrowed powers to their rightful owners after overthrowing Zangyack.

Alternate Faceplates

Transformation Sequence

Other Versions

Gold Version

Gold Version

When AbaRed becomes AbareMax, his Dino Brace gets a new golden color scheme.

The toy version also comes with a golden Dino Plate for Kera and Ptera, but they were not used in the show.

Abare Pink Handmade Dino Brace

When Emiri Imanaka wear her Abare Pink suit, This suit used to have handmade Dino Brace on her cuff with Handmade Aba Laser on her belt.

Abare Pink - Homemade Dino Brace.png


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