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Dimensions in Danger is the tenth episode of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel. It is a special team-up involving Power Rangers from previous generations assisting the Ninja Steel Rangers in defeating a new foe. The episode also commemorates the 25th Anniversary of the Power Rangers franchise.


The Super Ninja Steel Rangers team up with Legendary Rangers in an epic battle to save the world.


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  • The morpher that Antonio uses to morph is not his Samurai Morpher, but rather a Samuraizer. While it's not clear what morpher he uses on screen, this was revealed though a behind-the-scenes Instagram photo posted by Jason David Frank.
  • In Samurai's "Clash of the Red Rangers", Scott was unable to de-morph in the main dimension due to the air, yet Gemma was able to. Even though Scott's actor Eka Darville was only reprise his role through voice only, Gemma's actress, Li Ming Hu reprised hers physically. It may be possible that the air in RPM's world was cleaned up allowing them to de-morph in the regular one.
  • Madame Odius didn’t have the scar on her face that she gained last episode. However, that could be due to this episode being original footage and the other one Sentai footage.


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