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Dimensional Bug Mother (次元虫 (母) Jigenmushi Haha, 1-2)

Character History


An alien monster sent to Earth by Back Dimensional Count Radiguet to drain people of their life-force with her tongue and convert into into energy for her babies in her abdomen, the Dimensional Bugs. She was the first opponent the Jetman fought at half-strength, mortally wounded by Red Hawk before Radiguet saves her. After detaching herself from her egg sack, the Mother is sent to attack the Jetman, only to be destroyed by all five. However, because it detached the egg sack prior to its destruction, the sack provided Dimensional bugs for the Vyram to use to create other Dimensional Beasts.


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Modus and Arsenal

The Dimensional Bug possesses a tongue which can be used to "eat" lifeforms, absorbing their life energy for itself and for the egg sack which it creates baby Dimensional Bugs.



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Behind the Scenes

  • The Dimensional Bug Mother is the only "mature" Dimensional Bug seen this season; all other Dimensional Bugs are the babies used to create the Dimensional Beasts used by the Vyram.
  • Her motif is based off a lovebug.
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