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"I hate Grinders!"

Subject D-44, nicknamed Dillon, is the Ranger Operator Series Black of the Ranger Operators. His operation number is five.

Retroactively, he is also referred to as the RPM Black Ranger or Black RPM Ranger, though these are in reference to the show, as opposed to proper labels.

Character History

He is a complete mystery, even to himself. He suffers from amnesia, and as a result, he doesn't know his real name. "Dillon" is a name he came up for himself after being pestered about his identification. It is known that Dillon has internal Venjix Hardware of at least Generation 7 caliber that boosts his physical capabilities to superhuman levels, though he doesn't know how it got there. It has been mentioned that he was part of a Venjix program that creates Venjix bot-human hybrids. He carries a key-operated, musical pocket watch that seems very sentimental to him. He is gruff, aloof and somewhat withdrawn—a bit of a loner amongst his peers. Despite all of this, he doesn't hesitate to help his teammates and has, specifically for Ziggy and Summer, verbally defended them.

Road to Corinth

At the beginning of the story, Dillon was found wandering in the wastelands trying to find his way to Corinth City, occasionally being ambushed by Grinders. While trying to figure out his location, he encounters Ziggy attempting to hijack his car. After a few minutes of negotiating, Dillion allowed Ziggy to direct him to Corinth City.

Through Dillon's skills and explosive devices, the two were able to make it past the Venjix barricade and into the city. However, Dillon was quickly discovered to have internal Venjix hardware, and they were both apprehended and taken to prison. Some of the inmates were about to attack Ziggy, but Dillon stepped in and saved his life in a rather impressive display of augmented strength and reflexes.

Fade to Black

After saving Ziggy, the guards put Dillon in chains upon discovering what he was capable of. The Ranger Operators, after observing video footage of the prison fight and also needing to activate Series Black, made him an offer to join them. After initially scoffing at the idea, Dillon later agreed to become Ranger Operator Series Black if they accepted the condition that Ziggy also be released from prison. Despite this, however, he still had some issues with the duties given to him, and only ironed them out once he came to terms with what he would be protecting.

Ranger Black

Dillon joins the Ranger Operators

There are some notable similarities in personality between Dillon and Tenaya 7. Dillon has a rebellious side, often criticizing and talking sarcastically to Doctor K, similar to Tenaya's defiance of Venjix. He also has developed something of a rivalry with Scott, due to their very similarly stubborn and dominating personalities. The two are often seen trying to outdo one another, especially when it comes to their cars. Despite this, Dillon holds some level of respect towards Scott as a leader.

Dillon occasionally experiences cryptic dreams involving his origins—dreams in which the melody from his pocket watch and an unknown, blind girl seem to play a role. Thus far, the dreams have been too unclear for him to understand anything beyond what he sees, though, as time goes on, he seems to remember more which enables him to make more sense out of them. When an attack bot from a particular dream—-the Sat Bot (the one that took his memory)--shows up in Corinth, it mysteriously refers to him as Subject D-44. Being the only key to remembering who he is, Dillon does his best to not harm it despite the havoc it causes throughout the city. He eventually agrees to destroy it, deciding that, while he can't remember his past, he now has new memories with his teammates. During the fight, the bot activated a virus in Dillon's arm that will slowly spread through his inner mechanics, causing them to grow until they take him over completely. Doctor K says there is no cure. Venjix intends to use this virus to eventually bring Dillon under its control.

Quest for Answers

After undergoing hypnotherapy, he discovers memories of an area called Kenmore located in Omega City, evacuated after the first Venjix attack. The Rangers soon go out to the abandoned city to investigate. Unfortunately, it is soon discovered that this was implanted into his memory to lure the Rangers into a trap.

After finding a small key at an evacuated Venjix outpost and factory, Dillon discovers that by combining his key with the one he found, his watch will play a new melody. This melody is immediately recognized as the tune that Tenaya whistles before going into combat. Without telling the other Rangers where he is going, he speeds into the wasteland. While waiting for Tenaya, he plays the new melody from his pocketwatch. She enters the scene whistling along, and stating that it is the only song she knows. He then plays his song, and convincingly states that she is his sister. At first, Tenaya doesn't believe him, but after a fight, Tenaya realizes that she has begun to bleed. After running a biological scan, she confirms that she is Dillon's sister.

After Venjix is defeated for the last time, Dillon leaves Corinth with Tenaya and Summer to help rebuild the ravaged world.

Clash of the Red Rangers

"If they are there my team will help them"
―Dillon and other RPM Rangers mentioned by Scott[src]

Dillon and the other RPM using SkyRev Megazord face off against Professor Cog .the RPM Rangers quickly fire, however, it's a trap and Professor Cog fires his guns at the Megazord and knocks it down when the Samurai Rangers enters the RPM world, off screen Dillon along with the other RPM Rangers help the Samurai Rangers to return them world and also says them that for scott the RPM Rangers say hello. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Clash of the Red Rangers - The Movie

Super Megaforce

Ranger Operators in Super Megaforce

Dillon and the other Ranger Operators returned as part of the army of Legendary Rangers that helped the Mega Rangers defeat the Armada once and for all, fighting in a huge battle against hundreds of X Borgs and dozens of Bruisers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Legendary Battle

Beast Morphers

Devon finds a picture of Dillon and his team.

During his research in the Ranger archives,Devon Daniels finds information of the Ranger Operators in another dimension and sees a picture of Summer and his team with Doctor K. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Evox Snare

Split History

Shattered Grid


When events set into motion by Lord Drakkon caused the timeline to split into pocket universe, each anchored on a powerset, the Ranger Operators were split off into their own pocket universe. As Ranger Operator Series Black, Dillon followed his original timeline until the Shattered Grid event. On Doctor K's birthday, Lord Drakkon's army attacks. Using their Black Dragon cannon, they de-power Dillon and render him unable to battle. After the Rangers beat Lord Drakkon's first wave, Doctor K restores his powers, just in time for the second and third waves. He fights alogside some other Rangers in Corinth, and later was teleported to the Command Center. Then he was seen during the last battle against Lord Drakkon's Forces, fighting with Psycho Blue.

When the timeline was restored, so was Dillon.


He is gruff, aloof and somewhat withdrawn—a bit of a loner amongst his peers. Despite this, he doesn't hesitate to help his teammates and has, specifically for Ziggy and Summer, verbally defended them.

It's been hinted that Dillon may have romantic feelings for Summer. While in the burning Venjix factory, the two almost share a kiss until water falls on them. They almost kiss again on another occasion, but are interrupted by Gem and Gemma. Dillon was also strongly against the idea of Summer getting married, even after Summer accepted the fact that she needed to get married to help her family. It was also stated in Gemma's diary that Summer is totally caring especially when it comes to Dillon.


Ranger Operator Series Black

Ranger Costume


Special Ability

Aside from using the Ranger arsenal for battle, Ranger Operators can also generate their own personal ability without weaponry.

  • Invincibility Shield: Dillon can produce a shield that is impervious (similar to Sky Tate's "Force-Field Projection", but its color is purple instead of blue) to almost any attack for 5 seconds. He must have full confidence that the barrier will protect him, or it will fail. Mastering this ability was critical for him to pilot the Wolf Cruiser. His special ability only works in Ranger form.

Episodes when he uses his invincibility shield:

Zord Attack Vehicles

Appearances: RPM Episodes 3-28, 30, 31, SM Episodes 20 & LBEV

Morph and Roll Call

Ranger Key

The Ranger Black Key.

The Ranger Black Key is Dillon's personal Ranger Key. This key along with the majority of the Core Ranger Keys are seen lining the Command Center's interior walls. This key is mainly used by Emma Goodall (Super Megaforce Pink) who uses it to fight as Ranger Black.


Behind the Scenes



  • Much like Ziggy, whose main Zord went from an Orca in Go-Onger to a shark in RPM, Dillon's Zord was changed from a German shepherd to a wolf.
  • Although Dillon did not become a Ranger until the second episode, "Fade to Black", he was credited as a Ranger since the beginning of the series.
  • His action figure refers to him as Wolf Ranger in reference to his Zord, though it is actually designed after a German Shepherd.
  • Although his Operator Series number is five, he was the fourth RPM Ranger to join the team.


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