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"Yes! I'll absorb the Rangers' tech and blast them all to atoms!"
―Digitron's first words after Scrozzle told Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy that his strength increases with the more technology he absorbs.[src]
"Good tech makes me stronger!"
―Digitron, as he absorbs a personal transporter.[src]
"Data is invalid......"
―Digitron's final words before his death [src]

Digitron is an hourglass-themed Robotron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2.

Character History

Digitron was created, off-screen, from an unknown object and was first seen in the Crystal Dimension when Scrozzle showed him off to Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy and assigned the Robotron the mission to absorb all kinds of technology so he can be strong enough to kill the Power Rangers. Digitron traveled to Coral Harbor and appeared at a building complex where he scared off a group of civilians, then absorbed an abandoned laptop computer and a personal transporter into himself. The Rangers, along with Cruise, confronted him and he summoned two squads of Tronics, forcing the Rangers to split up. The battle soon moved into a park, where Digitron briefly fought Ravi and Zoey, before they went back to help Devon and Cruise with the Tronics. While Cruise was shooting the Tronics with his new blasters, Digitron blasted him from behind, causing Cruise to drop the blasters. While the Tronics held back Devon, he assimilated Cruise, tremendously augmenting his power. Devon, Ravi, and Zoey fought him, but he used his new strength to easily beat them. Nate and Steel regrouped with them, and Devon tried to capture Digitron with Cable Strike, but the Robotron teleported away.

Back in the Crystal Dimension, Robo-Roxy remarked she was impressed by Digitron's performance. Robo-Blaze ordered Digitron to return to Earth, absorb as much tech as possible, and destroy all the Rangers. Digitron returned to Coral Harbor to absorb more tech but was confronted by the Rangers again. Although he easily overwhelmed them, the Beast-X Visors were now ready and Devon summoned his. With Ravi and Zoey providing cover fire with their Beast-X Blasters and Nate and Steel restraining Digitron, Devon was able to punch into Digitron's middle with his new Morph-X Key and pull Cruise out of Digitron, weakening the Robotron. The three main Rangers then activated their new Beast-X Modes, using their digitized Beast Bots to create armor that enhanced their Beast powers.

Digitron called upon Tronics but the newly empowered Rangers easily took them out. Digitron tried to destroy the Rangers with his strongest attack but they deflected it easily. He was easily overpowered by Zoey's Jackrabbit Spin Strike and taken down by Ravi's Gorilla Slam (which involves generating and then throwing a massive boulder) before Devon took him out for good with the Beast-X Cheetah Charge (a move where Devon transformed into a blazing orange energy cheetah and rammed straight through Digitron).


Digitron was a technology thief who spoke in a gruff voice. He had an insatiable appetite for new technology.

Powers and Abilities

  • Ultra Strength-Digitron was strong enough to stop Cruise from grabbing his blasters and then throw him down, both with the use of only his right arm, making him not only one of the strongest Robotrons but possibly one of the strongest monsters in the entire franchise as he was able to nearly destroy all 5 Beast Morphers Rangers.
    • Shockwave Punches-After Devon tried to hit him with his Beast-X Saber, Digitron punched him so hard that a visible yellow shockwave was generated in the air right afterwards.
  • Durability-Digitron has extremely thick skin to the point that blasts from the Striker Morphers deflected right off of him.
  • Teleportation-Digitron can teleport away by flashing his stomach with purple energy and then disappearing in a series of purple rings.
  • Tronics Summoning-As seen during his first meeting with the Rangers, Digitron can summon Tronics to aid him in battle.
  • Super Reflexes-Digitron also has very fast reactions which rival even Vargoyle once he was enhanced by the Data Chips, as shown when he managed to quickly block a slash from Devon with just his right arm.
  • Technology Absorption: Digitron's main ability is to absorb technology in order to make himself stronger. He accomplishes this by shooting a massive purple digital beam out of his hand which turns the object into data for him to absorb.
  • Laser Beams-Digitron can fire a large red laser beam from his right hand that was strong enough to force Cruise into dropping his new blasters.
  • Blue Fireball: Digitron is able to launch a ball of blue fire from his right hand. This is by far his most devastating attack as it took down all five Rangers with one shot but, when used for a second time, was ripped apart when it made contact with the Beast-X Mode Rangers.
  • Arm Stretching: Digitron has the ability to stretch his arms high in the air. 


  • Arm: Digitron can use his right arm as a club in combat. It was also able to deflect laser blasts away from his body as seen with Ravi and Zoey's Beast-X Blasters.
  • Data Storage Unit: Digitron possesses a storage tank where his stomach would be that holds data from the technology he absorbs. The only way to break into this was for Devon's hand and his Morph-X Key to be empowered by his Beast-X Visor and then punch right into it.

Behind the Scenes


  • Digitron is voiced by Joel Tobeck, an on again-off again voice actor for Power Rangers but a prolific TV and film actor. His voice is identical to that of Yuffo, also voiced by Tobeck.


  • Digitron is one of the strongest Robotrons in Beast Morphers, being able to overpower all five Rangers on his own, something which not even Vacuutron (who managed to beat the three core Rangers on his own) or Tubatron 2.0 (who single-handedly took out Ravi, Zoey, Steel, and Nate while they were shielding Devon) managed to accomplish.
    • Oddly, both Digitron and Tubatron 2.0 are very similar in that both are able to render pieces of Ranger technology useless (Tubatron 2.0 destroyed various pieces of equipment such as Ravi's Beast-X Saber and Digitron absorbed Cruise), and both required a brand new power-up to defeat (Red Fury Mode for Tubatron 2.0 and Beast-X Mode for Digitron).
      • Digitron is also very similar to Tooltron since both were able to destroy weapons and both tried to get rid of a Beast Bot (Tooltron tried to dismantle Steel but failed and Digitron succeeded in taking Cruise out of the fight for a time).
        • However, not only is Digitron stronger than either, but his powers of technology destruction/absorption come from him naturally whereas Tooltron's ability to destroy weapons came from a blaster (whereas his counterpart's ability utilized the giant wrenches seen in Tooltron's final battle to fire the beams that broke the Rangers' tech) and Tubatron 2.0 was only able to destroy the weapons after being powered up by a Fury Cell.
  • Digitron is the first Robotron to not have a Gigadrone counterpart appear in the same episode as his debut and defeat. It appeared in the following episode instead.
    • Likewise, his Go-Busters counterpart Sunadokeiloid did not have his MegaZord counterpart (SunadokeiZord) appear until the episode after his destruction.
  • In Go-Busters, the reason for him being so strong was that he was originally part of a group of Metaloids/Robotrons called Messiah Metaloids, monsters derived from objects infused with data obtained from cards created from the remaining data left from the main villain, Messiah, after he was originally killed. These were the strongest monsters in Go-Busters and required the new Powered Custom mode and a new Megazord to defeat their MegaZord counterparts. In Beast Morphers, this is explained through him absorbing technology and growing more powerful.
    • This is similar to what happened with Versix, Drillion, Blammo, Megamauler, and Voltipede as well as Fangore, Dreadwolf, and Deceptron from the preceding two seasons. Both were part of special monster groups (the Advanced Youkai and Western Youkai respectively) in Ninninger but were completely separate monsters in Ninja Steel with no known connection aside for all working to try and steal the Power Stars (except Versix who wanted freedom from the Halloween Court).
  • Digitron is the ninth Robotron to be created off-screen, following Meltatron, Vacuutron, Tubatron 2.0, Turbotron, Shockatron, Spiketron, Infernotron, and Drilltron 2.0.
  • Digitron's powers and abilities are similar to those of ZED, a sentient device from SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron, which made itself stronger by absorbing all tech within reach, including one of the Metallikats.
  • In both original Beast Morphers footage and Go-Busters stock footage, the wording on Digitron's right shoulder reads "IESSIAH" instead of "MESSIAH".
    • This was most likely done to avoid having religious references in Power Rangers.
    • The Go-Busters stock footage was digitally edited to modify the "MESSIAH" label.

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