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Digital Center NASADA is a special research facility on Earth run by International Network of Excel-Science and Technology (I.N.E.T.) for the development of digital technology for the combat against the forces of Neziregia. This was the main lab utilized by Professor Eikichi Kubota for the development of the means to create the Megaranger and to develop the special Megaranger video game required to find the five suitable warriors to use their technology to defeat the invaders. This was also the lab where the Mega Shuttle was developed and stored.

After discovering Kenta Date's proficiency in the Megaranger video game, Professor Kubota recruited him to become MegaRed for the team to fight against Neziregia and invited him to their base. At the same time, the four members of the Moroboshi High School Digital Technology club snuck into the facility in order to investigate the strange events that was going on in and around this building. However, everything changed when Neziregia began their invasion of Earth, attacking the NASADA center to stop their developments. With no time to spare, Kubota granted not just Kenta but the four Moroboshi High classmates the Megaranger powers to defend their base until the Mega Shuttle was ready to launch. In the end, the facility and the research there was destroyed and all surviving I.N.E.T. scientists joined the Megaranger on the Mega Shuttle to dock in the Mega Ship, which would become their new base of operation.Ep. 1: Don't Let Them! The Twisted Invaders

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