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"I love that look of terror! Very, very good! You're all looking very postable! I love it! (その恐怖きょうふかおイイネ!ベリーベリーグッドだねえ~! Sono kyōfu no kao ī ne! Berī berī guddo da nē!)"
―The Digital Camera Jamen's first words when chasing a large group of people up some stairs.[src]

"My Cloud Hilldon! The moment of truth-! (ぼくのクラウドヒルドンか!ってえっ?わあああああ…!決定的けっていてき瞬間しゅんかん…! Boku no Kuraudo Hirudon ga! Tte? Wā ā ā…! Kettei-teki shunkan…!)"
―The Digital Camera Jamen reacting to Cloud Hildon dropping down on top of him and his final words before his accidental death.[src]

The Digital Camera Jamen (デジタルカメラ邪面 Dejitarukamera Jamen) is a digital camera-based gold body Jamenshi of Dark Empire Yodonheim whose dark energy was used to release Cloud Hildon.


Carantula sent the Digital Camera Jamen to Earth to trap people in the dimension within his head and draw them of thier energy. This would then allow his equivalent Jamen Beast to grow to it's fullest size and easily crush the Kiramagers. The Jamenshi was first seen chasing a throng of people up a large set of steps but, before he could take any pictures of them, the Kiramagers arrived. Sena expressed horror at his actions due to them being somewhat creepy but he dismissed it since he was worse than creepy, taking an image of a random woman and sending her into the dimension within his head and prompting them to transform. He summoned Bechats and personally fought Shiguru and Sena, withstanding many hits until they managed to get behind him. Thinking that they had the drop on him, they attacked but he spun his head around and trapped them inside of his camera dimension. Sayo then took him on, spinning his head a full 360 and holding him at gun point, demanding them back. Luckily for the Jamenshi, Galza then arrived in Smog Jouki, demanding that he capture the remaining three Kiramagers but the Digital Camera Jamen was full on photographs so retreated with Galza in Smog Jouki.

Later, having unloaded, the Digital Camera Jamen returned to the city at which point he was confronted by Tametomo (the other Kiramagers dealing with the mentally regressed Sayo who had been made that way after Galza threw her onto a rock). He captured Tametomo only for it o turn out to be a trap to free the victims with an energy crystal. This failed and he captured Juru and Shiguru but Sayo remembered who she was using a photography. She transformed and Mashin Helico arrived before they flew away and broke the others out of the Jamen Beast. The sudden loss of power caused Cloud Hildon to drop out of the sky and onto Digital Camera Jamen, crushing him to death instantly. The Jamen Beast survived but was soon slain by Land Mage Lifton & Rolland.


The Digital Camera Jamen was obsessed with images and photographs, especially of those in fear and or despair.

Powers and abilities

  • Dimension Teleportation: Digital Camera Jamen can teleport anyone into Cloud Hildon's head by taking their picture with his camera head.
  • Head Rotation: The Digital Camera Jamen can rotate his head a full 360 degrees to surprise his victims and easily capture them.
  • Bechat Summoning-The Digital Camera Jamen can summon Bechats to aid him in battle.


  • Height: 183 cm
  • Weight: 168 kg
  • Jamen: Digital Camera

Behind the Scenes


  • to be added


Neanderthal Jamen

  • Digital Camera Jamen is the first Jamenshi with the following factors:
    • He is the first camera-themed monster since Jashinger from Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger.
      • Although they are both themed after cameras, Jashinger is based on a Polaroid camera, while Digital Camera Jamen is based on a digital camera.
        • Due to this, He is the first Sentai Monster to be based on a Digital Camera.
      • While he is not the first Gold Body Jamenshi to appear in the series, he is the first Gold Body Jamenshi whose face is seen.
        • This is because the first Gold Body Jamenshi, Neanderthal Jamen, was only viewed around his midsection on screen before his destruction.
      • He is the first Jamenshi to be destroyed by accident (in this case, by Cloud Hildon).
      • He is the first Gold Body Jamenshi to help summon a Non-Basra Type Jamen Beast. The second will be Nazokake Jamen.
        • He is also the first Jamenshi to help summon a Hildon Type Jamen Beast.


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