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Different Drum is the fifth episode of the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


Kimberly Ann Hart's deaf friend, Melissa, has a tough time fitting in at the noisy Youth Center. When the Gnarly Gnome monster strikes, using music to hypnotize the children of Angel Grove, her handicap allows her to remain unaffected. Can she aid the Power Rangers in putting an end to the Gnome's symphony of destruction?


Kimberly is teaching her dance class at the Youth Center. Billy trips on to Ernie's cart and ends up rolling into the middle of the class. Kimberly tells Billy this isn't the way to meet girls. Kimberly tries to encourage Melissa who is having problems with the dance steps, because she's deaf, accidentally bumping into another girl. Meanwhile, Zack challenges Bulk to a dance competition. Bulk insists that he can do anything Zack can do. Zack shows off his stylish moves on the dance floor. Bulk barely pulls it off, but needs Skull's help moving afterwards. Zack shows off by doing a handstand on the Juice Bar. Bulk tries to do the same, but ends up falling into the food behind the counter.

Rita demands Finster to make her a monster that can control people with his music. The girl that Melissa bumped into invites her to a mall along with some friends, but soon, Finster's creation, the Gnarly Gnome uses his accordion to put the girls under his spell, but Melissa isn't effected, because she can't hear it. The Gnarly Gnome brings the girls to a cave in the woods. Melissa runs to get help to rescue her friends.

Melissa leads the Rangers to the cave, where the girls are being held. The Power Rangers engage in battle against the Gnarly Gnome with the Power Blaster. The Gnarly Gnome is overpowered and defeated. Rita makes the Gnarly Gnome grow with her wand. The Rangers form the Megazord to take him on. The Gnarly Gnome uses his music in an attempt put the Rangers under his spell. But he is unsuccessful, and the Megazord takes him down. The Megazord uses the Power Sword to destroy the Gnarly Gnome.

The Ranger teens and Melissa rescue the girls from the cave. Rita yells at her minions for failing again. The Rangers celebrate their victory by relaxing at the Juice Bar and Jason attempts some sign language, which fails humorously. Meanwhile, Melissa finally teaches Billy how to dance.



One of the shots of the Pink Ranger turned Gray compared to the shot from Zyuranger showing a properly Pink PteraRanger.

  • The Megazord's Power Sword is called the "Mega Sword" when summoned.
  • In several shots, the Pink Ranger's costume appears gray (the color grading is off in the entire shots in question compared to the restored Zyuranger DVD, but the Pink Ranger costume is the most noticeable).
    • Whether it was a mistake on Saban's part or Toei's is unknown, but several shots with the gray-colored Pink Ranger have similar shots where the Pink Ranger is the correct color. In addition, when the shot of the Rangers posing with their weapons is reused in Foul Play in the Sky, the shot is at the correct color levels from Zyuranger.
    • The 2010 reversion corrected only the first occurrence.
  • There are balls of light that escape from Gnarly Gnome's ashes after he is destroyed by a slash from the Power Sword.
    • In Zyuranger, those balls of light were actually the souls of the children he had captured before.
  • Gnarly Gnome's boots switch feet with no explanation during the scene when he's leading the captured girls into the cave. In a later scene they switch back after he's woken up. 
  • Whilst fighting against the Rangers and their Power Weapons, Gnarly Gnome had his rake before Jason jumped at him, did not have it when he reacted to Jase, and had it again when he was struck. He then lost it twice more due to recycling the same footage in the follow-up attack barrage.
  • The Rangers morphed in front of Melissa so she should have seen them morph or at least vanish to fight the Gnarly Gnome.
  • When Gnarly Gnome starts playing his accordion during the battle, the Megazord's right hand (holding the rake) is seen transitioning between shots of the mountains and the city from the usual metallic fist to a human hand wearing a silver glove (in order to allow it to drop the rake, after which the metallic fist remains).


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