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Diamond Monger (ダイヤモンガー Daiya Mongā, 12) is a diamond-themed Monger of the Machine Empire Black Magma

Character History

Diamond Monger was created by Black Magma in response to Herdorian's need for rare diamonds. Working on Hedorian's, Diamond Monger and the Zero Girls break into the National Bank of Japan to obtain diamond before using his blinding Diamond Shine to cover their escape from the Sun Vulcan trio. But when Daiya Monger eats the diamond, Hedorian and the Zero Girls hire a diamond broker Shadow X to obtain a rare blue diamond called the King Solomon Star. But when Diamond Monger eats the King Solomon Star when the deal goes array, he uses his hyped-up power to fight the Sun Vulcan trio. However, the Sun Vulcan trio manage to get Daiya Monger to cough out the King Solomon Star before using the Vulcan Ball on him. Enlarged by his Expansion Program, Diamond Monger is destroyed by Sun Vulcan Robo.


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His main ability is to use its diamond beam that fires from its forehead. He also uses a toxic powder called the Diamond Shower which confuses an opponent and disorients them and Diamond Shine to blind them. His main weapon is a pickax for combat and he can use telekinesis.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Diamond Monger's ability to use diamonds to empower it's attacks foreshadows the next Sentai team empowered by gemstones, in particular one who uses the power of a diamond to empower her attacks.


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