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"It hurts, it hurts, help me!"
―final words before death
Diamond Mask

Diamond Mask.

Diamond Mask (ダイヤモンド仮面 Daiyamondo Kamen) was the first of Black Cross Volcano Mask General Magman's Masked Monsters.

Character History

By the orders of Magman and the Black Cross Führer, Diamond Mask lead an invasion from Navarone to a EAGLE base that held data cards containing the secret of the Gorengers' suits. Using the information, he ends up using his diamond blades to slice up the suits, making them completely ineffective. As the team awaited the completion of the New Gorenger Suits for the team, Kaijo, Daita and Asuka head to Navaronne to stop a Magman assault but Diamond Mask captures them until Shinmei and Peggy save them using Varidreen and Varitank. After finally equipping the New Gorenger Suits, the team easily manage Diamond Mask, using their new weapon, Gorenger Hurricane, to become a diamond cutter to slice and defeat the Masked Monster. Ep. 43: The Crimson Phoenix! Enter, the Invincible Varidreen


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Modus and Arsenal

Diamond Mask has a blade on his forehead that is as sharp as a diamond and can cut through steel with it. His main weapon is a wedge spear. He also can fire a "diamond beam" through his eyes.



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Behind the Scenes

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