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"That's not happening."
―Diamantian Don Moyaida's first words after Banban tried to run him off of the road in PatStriker.[src]
"That has...nothing to do with me."
―Daimantian Don Moyaida denying involvement in the death of a child Banban wished to avenge and his final words before his deletion.[src]

Diamantian Don Moyaida (ディアマンテ星人ドン・モヤイダ Diamante Seijin Donmoyaida) is the first Alienizer in the Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger.


From Planet Diamant, he is charged with homicide of a child (whom wanted to become a policeman), vehicular homicide, and terrestrial resource burglary. He was on the run from rookie SPD cadet Banban Akaza/DekaRed on Planet Chanbeena until the latter strike his vehicle with the PatStriker. Believed to be dead, Don Moyaida actually survived the crash and arrived on Earth disguised as a human to take back the control mechanism he deceived Lovelian Balance into bringing there. At night, he was chased by several officers after being witnessed armed with a gun until he got ran over by a truck. His dead body was brought to a morgue, where he was revealed to have survived the accident and deploy three mechanical parts of Fan Crusher.

After being transferred to the DekaBase, he was brought into the interrogation room after being founded alive. But then in said room, he escaped custody and regain the controller to form the Heavy Industrial Machine Fan Crusher on the planet to harvest its resources for space jewellery. When finding himself overpowered by the the team's Dekaranger Robo, he was forced to evacuate but met the Dekarangers again. Don Moyaida was finally deleted by DekaRed, using his D-Magnum's Magnum Execution, thus avenging the boy he killed earlier in Chanbeena, but not before giving Abrella info on the DekaBase's Anubisium.


Powers and Abilities

Human Disguise
Don Moyaida is capable of disguising himself as a human to blend into society.
Don Moyaida's physiology is capable of surviving deadly impacts and near-death experiences.
Energy Eruption
By releasing several energies from his body, he can used it to break his cuffs.
Don Moyaida is capable of generating lightning from his palm.
Diamond Shield
Don Moyaida can create a diamond-themed shield as a weapon strong enough to block blasts from the Soo Shooters.


Laser Gun
Don Moyaida's main weapon is a diamond-shaped laser gun.

Heavy Industrial Machines


  • Diamantian Don Moyaida was designed by character designer Yasuhiro Moriki.
  • His home planet is Spanish word for "Diamond" which is what his motif is.
  • His name is "diamond" spelled in a reversed kana script.

Accused Crimes

  • Child murder (the child Banban had died in his arms).
  • Strong arm robbery (various).


concept art

  • Height: 215 m
  • Weight: 155 t

Behind the Scenes


Don Moyaida is played by Takanori Higuchi. Who previously played Kaoru KinoIcon-crosswiki.png in Kamen Rider AgitoIcon-crosswiki.png.



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