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"My hatred...They have now reached their peak! Prepare yourselves, Another Earthlings!"
―DezumoVoorla's first words upon being re-created.[src]
"Stop this! This is not an artistic way to go!"
―DezumoVoorla's final words before thier death.[src]

DezumoVoorla (デズモヴォーラ Dezumovōra) (48) is the combined form of The Messengers (使徒 Shito): The 2nd ranked servants of Dezumozorlya, which are master artists who create the Wicked Lifeform monsters using the Tree of Life's berries as the source of their power.


Both of them were originally one amoebic entity that split into two and slowly evolved into their current states as Creative Messenger Mikela and Visionary Messenger Voffa within the meteor that crashed into the earth that caused it to split into "Another Earth" and "Dino Earth". Thus, the two are most loyal to Wicked Life God Dezumozorlya, putting its resurrection above everything else and sometimes compete to receive its favor.

After losing Lijewel as a host, Dezumozorlya was intent on getting a stronger host: Bakurenoh. But until then, he remerged the Messengers into a new puppet host, DezumoVoorla. Both Mikela and Voffa were honored and proud to hold Dezumozorlya's essence in them. DezumoVoorla served to use the evil of humans to revive Bakurenoh to serve as Dezumozoryla's new body while absorbing the Earth-Dezumozorlya from AbareKiller's body. But Mikoto managed to kill the Dezumozoryla within him, getting out for Bakurenoh to be destroyed by the Bakuryuu. A enraged DezumoVoorla enlarged, only to be killed by Killeroh's Dinosaur Deathblow: Death Stinger while Dezumozoryla abandoned his joined-hosts to their death.


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  • Height: 315 cm
  • Weight: 670 kg

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