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"This is a symbol of my bond with nature!"

Devin Del Valle is Cassidy's cameraman. He was good friends with Cassidy and had feelings for her. Devin is a really decent guy, despite his association with the uptight Cassidy. He is loyal to a fault to his friend.

Devin once impressed Nikki Valentina, a television star from "Ocean Alert" (which may be a take on Baywatch), and she invited him to make a cameo on her show. Ocean Alert

Devin got footage of the White Dino Ranger's identity but was knocked out while filming it. Later, when he retrieved the tape, he found out—to Cassidy's disdain—that his sister taped over his footage with scenes of her having a baby.White Thunder

In the episode, "Leader of the Whack", Devin and Cassidy was exposed to a meteor that changed their personalities to sides of themselves they don't usually express. Devin became suave, cool, and determined to find the White Dino Ranger, as well as a major heart throb. However he and Cassidy were restored to normal. Leader of the Whack

Later Devin got an internship with the local Channel 3 TV station. He didn't like it at first, but it turned out okay.

He became confused when Cassidy was quadrupled by Copyotter. Luckily, she was restored to normal. Copy That

When Cassidy was hired as a news reporter, Devin got a job at Channel 3 as her official camera operator.

He refused to help Cassidy tell a false story about the Power Rangers giving up. Cassidy took his advice and told the truth.

Devin took a break from helping Cassidy to beat Ethan in a video game contest. Cassidy was lost without him.

Devin wanted to ask Cassidy to the Prom, but learned that they needed to find the identities of the Power Rangers by the end of the week, or else they would lose their jobs. Devin discovered the Rangers's identities, but Cassidy turned in the tape to the Rangers because it was the right thing to do. Devin went with Cassidy to the prom. Thunder Struck



  • According to some sources, whilst the Dino Thunder episodes were being written (as Abaranger was being broadcast in Japan), the production references to a Triassic Ranger led the writers to believe that a Sixth Ranger would be introduced. Originally, they planned to have Devin inadvertently discover and bond with the Triassic Ranger powers and join the team, having to keep this fact secret from his best friend Cassidy. However, these plans were discarded when Abaranger revealed that the Triassic Ranger was merely a power-up for the Red Dino Ranger analogous to Power Rangers' battilizer.



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