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Devil Jark (デビルジャーク) is the main antagonists in Super Sentai Battle: Ranger Cross.



Character of this work original. They had been imprisoned in the black hole.

  • Daifobosu (ダイフォボス Daifobosu): The Leader of the Devil Jark. He wields a sword and has the power of fire. He fought the Gorengers and he can take a form into the "Fake Gorengers".

Voiced by Takahiro Fujimoto

  • Aigaion (アイガイオン Aigaion): A chubby rock general who speaks in a ponderous tone. He is very strong and can also took a form of the "Fake Engine-Oh" and "Buredoran of the Comet", the main villain in Goseiger in the power of Daifobosu.

Voiced by Kyoto Murakami

  • Jupitarian (ジュピタリアン Jupitarian): A general who specializes in attacks with a huge sword and has the power of lightning. He encounters and confronts the Gokaiger during the Gokaiger's treasure hunt. He also took a form of the "Fake Shinkenger" and also the "Fake Shinken Oh" at that time.

Voiced by Kohei Matsumoto

  • Vuiserasu (ヴィーセラス Vu~īserasu): A female general who received a courtship than Daifobosu. She took a form of the "Fake Go-onger" and also into the general who had defeated so far in the power of Daifobosu further.

Voiced by Kumiko Izumi

  • Makyuria (マーキュリア Mākyuria): A general who has a high-handed personality. He also took a form of the "Fake Shinkenger" just like Jupitarian while having some tricky attack such as teleportation and alter egos.

Voiced by Akihiro Nosawa

  • Karakkara (カラッカラ Karakkara): The footsoldiers of the Devil jerk, born from sparks emitted from the body of a Daifobosu. They have sharp claws in combat.

Voiced by Takeshi Mori

  • Garaggara (ガラッガラ Garaggara): The giant forms of the Karakkara enlarged by the Bibi Bugs, Devil jerk had obtained secretly.
  • Gaia Breath Advertiser (ガイアブレスタイザー Gaiaburesutaizā): The true mastermind of the Devil Jark


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