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This article is about a/an group of villains in the Super Sentai series.

Devil Jark (デビルジャーク) is the main antagonists in Super Sentai Battle: Ranger Cross.



Character of this work original. Villainy who had been trapped in the prison of the black hole.

  • Daifobosu (ダイフォボス Daifobosu): Boss of the Devil jerk. I weapons and the power of fire and sword. Torment Gorengers traps and he transformed himself into the "fake Gorengers" a variety of nominated Gorengers for vent the anger that has lost four executives.

Voiced by Takahiro Fujimoto

  • Aigaion (アイガイオン Aigaion): He speak in a ponderous tone looks street in Phantom of the form, such as a rock. In addition to attacking with a strong power, there is also be a form of "fake Engine-Oh" and "Buredoran of comet" nemesis Goseiger former in the power of Daifobosu.

Voiced by Kyoto Murakami

  • Jupitarian (ジュピタリアン Jupitarian): Executive that specializes in attacks with a huge sword and lightning. To encounters and confrontation Gokaiger It was the middle of your treasure hunt. To transform or "fake Shinkenger" also "fake Shinken oh" at that time.

Voiced by Kohei Matsumoto

  • Vuiserasu (ヴィーセラス Vu~īserasu): Phantom woman who received a courtship than Daifobosu. To confront the real thing when you have been engaged in a bad and turns into a "fake Go-onger". Will be transformed into executives who had brought down so far in the power of Daifobosu further.

Voiced by Kumiko Izumi

  • Makyuria (マーキュリア Mākyuria): Phantom of the high-handed personality. There is also a surface that was sporting, etc. become the same as the number of people Shinkenger when it was transformed into a Shinkenger let ourselves While attacking tricky such as teleportation and alter ego.

Voiced by Akihiro Nosawa

  • Karakkara (カラッカラ Karakkara): Born from sparks emitted from the body of a Daifobosu combatants Devil jerk. Weapons sharp claws.

Voiced by Takeshi Mori

  • Garaggara (ガラッガラ Garaggara): figure Karakkara was huge in the power of Beebe insects Devil jerk had to get secretly.
  • Gaia Breath Advertiser (ガイアブレスタイザー Gaiaburesutaizā): Figure of the Devil jerk true. I make full use of the power of the executive of all a huge figure lower body became like a snake.


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