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Semimaru's growth stages


Devil Beast Semimaru (魔獣セミマル majū Semimaru?) (18-24): The ultimate beast of destruction; an insectoid who is legendary for its destructive power. Juuza acquired such a monster and brought it to Earth while as an egg, feeding it enough human suffering to hatch. Though she succeeds in her plan, Juuza is killed by Radiguet who raises Semimaru from its green larval form to a red armored human-sized version before it pupates. Once it emerges, the matured winged Semimaru enlarges itself as it goes on the rampage across the city while defeating Jet Icarus until the Bird Garuda intervenes and freezes the monster. However, once the monster breaks out, it defeats Jet Garuda before leaving to heal its wounds. But Semimaru meets its end fighting the newly formed Great Icarus.

Destruction Beast Semimaru appears in the Choujin Sentai Jetman video game as the boss of Area F and thus the final enemy of the game).

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