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Destiny Defeated is the thirtieth episode of Power Rangers Time Force. It's continued from the previous one. This marks the final time that Alex will become the Red Time Force Ranger.


Alex finally realizes that the Rangers need Wes to defeat Dragontron. With Wes back as the Red Ranger, the team manages to destroy Frax's creation. Alex also saves Mr. Collins from death, and learns an important lesson in making your own destiny.


Up in the Clock Tower, Alex is not impressed with the scanning equipment the Rangers have been using, believing that they will never be able to find Frax and Dragontron with it, and goes as far as to call Circuit useless, upsetting the latter. Trip defends Circuit as their only means of communicating to the future, and Jen adds that they lost a good chunk of their equipment when they crashed landed in the Time Ship. However, Alex deems it not good enough, all while Lucas and Katie continue to be disgusted by the former’s poor attitude. Meanwhile, Frax has the Cyclobots repair Dragontron and build an energy siphon, planning to use it to drain the energy from the Ranger’s Megazords. At the hospital, Wes wakes up, having slept next to his father overnight, and grimly realizes that this was the day his father would die of his wounds, just as Alex prophesied. Elsewhere, Eric has decided to leave Silver Hills for unknown reasons, possibly because he did not want to work under Wes, and leaves his pet bird with his friend Alice.

Later that day, Dragontron emerges into the city, and Circuit picks up his location. Alex summons the Zords and orders the Time Shadow Megazord to distract Dragontron while they, inside the Time Force Megazord Mode Blue, get a clear shot at the energy core. However, both Megazords struggle against Dragontron as Frax uses his energy siphon to drain them of their energy. Seeing the energy siphon on the ground, Alex suggests that they go and destroy it, but when Jen tries to interject, he snaps at her, yelling that he does the thinking for the team. That angers Katie enough to confront Alex, but Trips tells her to let it go.

Exiting out of the Time Force Megazord, the Rangers attack the Cyclobots to reach the energy siphon. Jen blasts at Frax and wants to take the robot into custody, but Alex shoots that idea down as he wants the energy siphon shut down before they do so. However, Frax uses the siphon to blast at the Rangers, causing them to demorph in the process. Circuit goes to the Rangers out of concern, but Frax shoots him down.

Back at the hospital, Dr. Zaskins meets with Wes and sees the poor state Mr. Collins is in. When Zaskins expresses surprise that Wes has taken his father’s position as the CEO of Bio Labs, the latter said it was what his father would have wanted. However, Zaskins reveals that Mr. Collins was happy on the path Wes took to find his own way, revealing that he got hurt trying to stop Ransik stealing the serum as he saw all of it happen. That leaves Wes shocked that his father was proud of him despite the arguments they had in the past. As Wes rides in the limo, they drive by the Clock Tower and he recalls the good times he had with the Rangers. He tells the driver to pull over and goes inside the Clock Tower to see if the Rangers were there. He finds nobody home but sees the photos of the Rangers and himself having fun, just as a damaged Circuit flies in. Before shutting down, Circuit tells Wes that the Rangers are in trouble, and the latter decides that rather than do what history said he should do, he should make his own destiny. With that, Wes leaves to go help his friends.

Meanwhile, Frax shoots at the Rangers as Alex fights off the Cyclobots. Unsympathetic to the team’s injuries, Alex orders them to get up and fight, even accusing them of not caring about the future. Having enough of Alex’s poor leadership and treatment of them, Lucas gets up and confronts the former, yelling that he was the one that did not care about the future. Trip agrees with Lucas, telling Alex that if he did care about the future, then he would not have taken Wes’ spot as the Red Ranger. Alex argues that the team is stronger with him around, but Katie retorts that they were stronger with Wes, and if Alex were a real leader he would have seen that. Alex looks to Jen to stand up for him, but she silently turns her head away from him. With Frax amused with the Ranger’s infighting, he prepares to fire at the Rangers, only for Wes to tackle him. Wes says that he chooses to help his friends and goes towards the energy siphon. Even though Frax fires at him, Wes kicks the control module off the energy siphon, disabling it and restoring power to the Megazords. Jen tells Alex to let Wes become the Red Ranger once more, and the latter, with some reluctance, hands over his Chrono Morpher before taking his leave. Jen tosses the Morpher to Wes as Frax takes his leave.

Back at the hospital, Mr. Collins gasps for air as his vitals begin to spike, and he soon flatlines. However, Alex comes to the room and places a mysterious orb into Mr. Collins’ hand, sending energy into him as his vitals beep again. As the doctors come in, Mr. Collins comes to and tells them that he feels great.

With Wes back as the Red Ranger, he leads the Rangers in the morph, and they jump back into the Time Force Megazord. The Time Shadow Megazord gets blasted by Dragontron and shuts down due to the damage. Thankfully, Eric sees the battle from his taxi and pulls over to help the Rangers out. The Rangers reconfigure the Time Force Megazord to Mode Red, and Eric summons the Quantasaurus Rex Zord for assistance. Seeing this, Wes has the Time Force Megazord jump onto the Quantasuarus Rex Zord’s back, annoying Eric, and says he has a plan. The Rangers put their trust in Wes as he has the Zords charge at Dragontron and uses the Time Force Megazord Saber to slash at the robot. Then, the Time Force Megazord leaps behind Dragontron and after the Quantasaurus Rex Zord fires at the robot, the Time Force Megazord strikes the energy core. With that, Dragontron falls and blows up, finally ridding the robotic threat.

As the Rangers celebrate, Wes races back to the hospital with Eric offering him a ride. Wes makes it to his father’s room, but finds the bed empty. Fearing that his father died like Alex said he would, Wes breaks down into tears, but Mr. Collins reveals himself to his son after wheeling himself in a wheelchair. Mr. Collins believes that Wes saved his life with the mysterious orb, but while Wes knew it was Alex who saved him, he does not tell him the truth. Then, Mr. Collins thanks Wes for taking over Bio Labs while he was in the hospital, but tells him that his true place was with the Rangers. Now confirming that his father has fully accepted the path he has taken, Wes begins to reconcile with Mr. Collins.

Sometime later, Alex and the rest of the Rangers go back to the beach as the former prepares to head back to the year 3000. Alex apologizes for his harsh attitude and says that they have proven to be excellent Rangers. Before Alex walks into the Time Ship, Wes rushes in and asks him if he was the one who saved his father. Alex silently nods yes, and recalls that Wes taught him that they all make their own destiny as they shake hands in respect. With that, Alex takes off in the Time Ship and leaves for the year 3000, just as Jen says “Goodbye Alex” in her thoughts.


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  • Before Wes goes to save the Rangers from Frax, he is wearing a white shirt. When he arrives on the scene, it is blue.
  • Mr. Collins is seen breathing and slightly moves his hand right before Alex revives him.


  • The energy orb used to save Mr. Collins was most likely what saved Alex after he was morbidly defeated by Ransik in the 2-part premiere.
  • When Lucas finally calls Alex out on his attitude, there was a scene scripted that he would hit Alex in the face in order to bring "power" to the scene. It was taken out for violence, although in the final version Lucas is just about to punch Alex instead.
  • Last episode to air prior to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
  • Despite being reluctant to have Wes on the team originally after losing Alex, Jen ends up being one of the most vocal about getting rid of Alex and getting Wes back, likely due to the abuse Alex was giving her during the time.
  • This episode and the previous parts show the beginning of the end of Alex and Jen's relationship with Jen starting to prefer Wes over Alex. This culminates in Jen returning her engagement ring in the season finale and telling Wes she loves him.
    • In Trust and Triumph, Jen had finally begun opening up and letting go of her lingering attachment to Alex. In Lovestruck Rangers, Jen had shown that she was beginning to fall in love with Wes as she becomes angered by Contemptra brainwashing him, and almost had a kiss with Wes.
  • When Wes takes command of the Rangers to defeat Dragontron, the Rangers all show full trust in his leadership even though he doesn't inform them of his plan and its unorthodox. This is in contrast to Alex who they repeatedly questioned. It is also ironic as Jen had earlier stated that Alex was the one person she knew she could trust completely.
  • A difference can be seen between the styles of Wes and Alex in the battles with Dragontron: while Alex preferred to go by the book and go for brute force, such as going with Mode Blue with the Time Force and Shadow Force Megazords, Wes used cunning and surprise tactics instead. This allowed him to defeat Dragontron where Alex couldn't with the Time Force Megazord Mode Red which, compared to Alex's use of the Shadow Force Megazord, is a weaker choice for such a battle.
  • A scene showing Eric quitting the Silver Guardians from the previous episode (or possible this one) was cut, but had it been kept in, it would have explained Eric wanting to initially leave town.[1]
  • Final appearance of Eric's neighbor, Alice, who previously appeared in Quantum Secrets.
  • Nadira doesn't appear in this episode while Ransik only appears in a flashback when  Dr. Michael Zaskins tells Wes about his father's attack caused by Ransik.
  • This episode was aired on September 8th, 2001, 5 days after Thuy Trang's death in a car accident.


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