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Destined for Greatness is the sixteenth episode in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. This episode marks the first time that Mike Corbett becomes the 2nd Magna Defender.


As the Rangers celebrate Mike's return, Leo considers returning the Quasar Saber to him since he was the one who pulled it from the stone. The Skelekron monster attacks and captures the Blue, Green, Pink and Yellow Rangers inside of mirrors. As Mike and Leo fight to save their friends, the image of the Magna Defender appears and tells Mike that it is his destiny to be the new Magna Defender. Together, the Rangers destroy Skelekron.


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  • When the team morphs, Leo's morphing sequence is the only sequence shown.


  • The opening sequence is updated to include Russell Lawrence (Mike), although he will only be credited for episodes in which he appears.
  • When Mike gets his dog tags back, he notices a dent and asks what happened to them. Leo just tells him that it's a long story, referring to the events of "Silent Sleep".
  • Leo is shown to be able to fire energy blasts from the Quasar Saber unmorphed as well as call upon it in battle.
  • It's revealed that Terra Venture is now 5.6 light years from Earth.
    • This means Terra Venture must have some form of faster than light propulsion (or it would have taken many years, or even lifetimes, to travel that far), yet we never see the colony moving at anything even approaching light speed.
  • When Mike returns, Commander Stanton states he thought Mike had remained on the Moon. He is never given an explanation for Mike's departure or return.
  • First appearance of Terra Venture's High Command.
  • A similar plot from this episode would later be used in the Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue episode, "Olympius Ascends".
  • It is the first appearance of Leo wearing different clothes, i.e. a blue unbuttoned shirt, red tank top, white pants and black boots. He continues wearing them throughout the rest of the series and the series' he appears in.

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