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Destination Dinohenge is the first episode of Power Rangers Dino Fury. It is the first part to the two-part premiere to the introduction of the initial core trio Dino Fury Rangers (Zayto, Amelia Jones and Ollie Akana), Solon, Hengemen, the backstory of the Great Sporix Wars and the Sporix being unleashed onto the planet by the main antagonist, Tarrick.


Go-getting reporter Amelia accompanies Ollie and his mother, Dr. Akana, to investigate the mysterious Dinohenge statues. They run into an evil warrior Void Knight and a threat that puts the entire world into danger. Do they have what it takes to stop this menace?


In the heart of Pine Ridge, Amelia Jones drives into her place of work, BuzzBlast, and meets with her boss Jane. Amelia tries to pitch an article idea to Jane, but the latter says she will only approve it if it is not another one of Amelia’s attempts to prove paranormal activity. Amelia says that she heard about a mysterious monument site called Dinohenge located deep inside the forest, but Jane immediately dismisses it as another ghost article. Amelia claims that she got permission to enter the forest, but Jane reminds her that BuzzBlast’s focus is on pop culture material, not ghost stories, and asks about her lip gloss review. Amelia says she already finished it, showing Jane the video, and begs the latter to let her do the Dinohenge story. Jane reluctantly agrees but demands that Amelia makes it a factual story about a local landmark.

Amelia goes into the forest, armed with a spook snare and recording video as she goes deeper into the forest. She picks up a signal and sees a being moving in the fog, shooting a net at the being to trap it. However, it turns out that Amelia caught a real-life person wearing a white poncho, but she manages to free him after accidentally shocking him with the voltage button. The man finds that he is running late to meet with his mother at Dinohenge, but fortunately, Amelia says she is going there as well, bringing a map along to lead them to the landmark. As they walk, the man introduces himself as Ollie Akana, explaining that he and his mother moved to Pine Ridge to unearth some of the city's history. The two make it to Dinohenge, featuring statues of six dinosaurs in a circle, and Dr. Lani Akana, Ollie’s mother, has already set up equipment for research. Akana wants to solve the mystery of Dinohenge with a scanner mounted on a drone, but when the scanner activates, the statues’ eyes glow as an earthquake occurs. Akana sees that the scanner picked up a chamber underneath Dinohenge, but before going any further, the park ranger, Warden Garcia, comes in, asking them to leave since they have no authorization to be at Dinohenge. Akana leaves with Garcia to file a report, but she tells Ollie to pack up as they have all the data needed for now.

As Ollie and Amelia pack up, the latter explains that she and Warden Garcia do not have the best history as she made him angry seventeen times due to her belief in ghosts. However, that comment upsets Ollie as he realized Amelia shot the net at him because she mistook him for a ghost, leading to an argument over their beliefs as Ollie believes in the truth and evidence of proof. Before going any further, they see a purple knight teleport down with a scanner, managing to pick up an energy source underground. The knight strikes down the ground, creating a massive hole, and goes down into the caverns, with Ollie and Amelia following him. The two make it to the chamber they discovered earlier, seeing statues in the center of the area, before hiding when they hear a noise. The knight continues to look for the energy source as a door opens to reveal a talking bipedal dinosaur, trying to awaken her friend Zayto. The knight attacks her, demanding to know where the energy source was located and warns her that he, known as Void Knight, is too powerful for her to match. However, the dinosaur says that her friend Zayto would be a better match, revealing a Red Power Ranger in a stasis tube, only for Void Knight to slash at the panel controlling the tube, damaging it. Void Knight once again demands answers from the dinosaur, but before attacking her, Ollie protects her with a saber he pulled off the wall, while Amelia shoots her spook snare at Void Knight. Knowing that the net would not hold Void Knight for long, the dinosaur pulls out a key and tells Ollie to use it in conjunction with the saber to activate the statues, known as Hengemen. The dinosaur tosses the key, but Void Knight grabs it mid-throw, placing the key into his sword and activating the Hengemen under his command.

Ollie and Amelia try their best against the Hengemen with what skills they have, the latter even pulling another saber off the wall in self-defence. Still, they are outmatched and soon get surrounded by the foot soldiers. As that happens, Void Knight continues his search for the energy source while the dinosaur tries her best to wake up Zayto. Suddenly, energy envelops Ollie and Amelia's sabers and sends it toward their left wrists, creating Morphers. Seeing this, the dinosaur pulls out two more keys, them being blue and pink respectively, and throws them to Ollie and Amelia. The two put the keys into their Morphers, morphing into the Blue and Pink Rangers. The newly morphed Rangers handle themselves better against the Hengemen while Void Knight finally finds the energy source he was looking for, pulling out a chest that contains particles he refers to as Sporix. Void Knight orders two of the Hengemen to take the chest while the dinosaur frustratingly hits the control panel. Fortunately, it worked as Zayto awakens and jumps out of the tube, destroying a few Hengemen along the way. Zayto is confused about what is going on, but the dinosaur, referred to as Solon, tells him that Ollie and Amelia are friendly while Void Knight is getting away with the Sporix.

Zayto stops Void Knight and the Hengemen from getting away, asking the former why he has that armour, but Void Knight demands the Sporix. The fight resumes as Zayto takes on Void Knight himself, transforming his saber into the Dino Dagger and tossing it at Void Knight. However, Void Knight deflects the dagger back at Zayto, and even though the latter dodges, the dagger hits the chest and releases the Sporix. The Sporix leave the chamber as Void Knight chases after them, sealing the cave behind him to prevent the Rangers from following him. Back outside, Void Knight is furious that the Sporix got away but notices that one of them stayed behind, hatching into a Unicorn like monster. Void Knight enlists the Sporix Beast's help in finding the scattered Sporix, and the monster agrees to it.

Back in the chamber, Ollie and Amelia demoprh, shocked that they became Power Rangers as their Morphers turn into communicators to hide from the public eye. Zayto demorphs as well, revealing that he is an alien with a pair of antenna poking out of his forehead. Zayto introduces himself alongside Solon, but before Ollie and Amelia could introduce themselves, Zayto correctly says their names along with their personality traits. Solon explains that all beings from Zayto’s planet can read minds and tells the latter that he has been asleep for 65 million years. As for Solon, she explains that she is a cyborg dinosaur of the Solonasaurus species but was heavily injured in a war against the Sporix, leaving Zayto to explain what they are dealing with.

65 million years ago, the Sporix invaded Zayto’s homeworld Rafkon, hatching into Sporix Beasts. Zayto led a group of knights to defend their home, but they were outmatched as the Sporix ravaged Rafkon and left few survivors in their destruction. However, the Sporix’s thirst for destruction was still there, and they left Rafkon to invade Earth. The Knights of Rafkon followed them and fought against them alongside the dinosaurs, but the Sporix Beasts became stronger after every battle, eventually gaining the ability to grow giant-sized. The knights were forced to retreat, but just when things started to look hopeless, the legendary Morphin Masters arrived to help them. Using the power of the Morphin Grid, the Morphin Masters turned the dinosaur partners into statues, creating Dinohenge in the process, and bonded their spirits to the knights, granting them the ability to morph into Power Rangers. The Morphing Masters dubbed the knights as the Dino Fury Power Rangers and gave them the mission to defend the Earth against the Sporix, even granting them weapons and Zords to help against the giant Sporix.

Ollie and Amelia guess that because Zayto survived the battle, it meant the knights defeated the Sporix. However, Zayto said that it was not a good victory as, while they did capture the Sporix and sealed them inside the chest, the rest of the knights fell in battle, making him the only one left. Solon adds that they could not destroy the Sporix no matter what they tried, so the only thing they could do was sealing them underground. Zayto explains that his mission is to make sure the Sporix never went loose again, but thanks to Void Knight, he failed, and the Sporix were now scattered across the city, hiding until they hatched into Sporix Beasts and the only thing they know is destruction. Zayto says that the three of them are Earth’s only hope in finding and capturing them once again, but before that happens, he will put Ollie and Amelia into training. Ollie and Amelia agree to become the new members of the Dino Fury Power Rangers, pleasing Zayto.


Dino Fury Keys


  • When Dr. Akana says "Could be millions of years old," her mouth doesn't move.
  • In the scene where there is a view of the camera from the device that Amelia is using, the background blur and camera view do not sync up with each other.
  • Watching closely reveals that some of the Hengemen can be seen moving slightly despite not being activated yet when Amelia and Ollie search the hidden base.
  • Void Knight's apparent hearing problem:
    • The Void Knight doesn't hear Amelia and Ollie loudly reacting to the Dinohenge base despite being just one room over.
    • The Void Knight also doesn't hear Ollie running up to him with the Chromafury Saber block the blow.
  • Amelia uses the Spook Snare on the Void Knight despite having put it down when she entered Dr. Akana's camp and never shown retrieving it or having it until she needs it again.
  • When Ollie pushes a box at the Hengemen, they all fall and then a close-up shows one of them falling a second time.
  • When Amelia and Ollie morph, the visor is down on their Morphers. Once they're morphed, the visor is up again.


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