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"This is just the calm before the REAL storm!"
―Desperaino when becoming a Mega-Monster.[src]
"So this is despair? This isn’t delightful at all! Ahh!"
―Desperaino’s final words before his second death.[src]

Desperaino when flying.

Desperaino is a despair/rain/umbrella themed Nighlok who possess the ability to open a rain cloud above his victims's heads, causing them to encounter the most terrible misery of all: The loss of hope. He serves as the main antagonist of the episode "Forest for the Trees".


Desperaino was one of Nighloks. Desperaino could fly, using the special folding umbrella on his head. He also wielded a spear, which could fire flame blasts. But his main ability was to summon the special clouds above heads of his victims, which put people into despair. In the tenth episode Desperaino attacked Panorama City and started terrorising people by summoning his clouds and placing people into despair to increase the level of Sanzu River. When Power Rangers arrived, Desperaino battled them. Samurai Rangers couldn't defeat him, because Mike carelessly tried to use Beetle Disc and ruined team attack on the villain. Then Desperaino left. He returned to the junk of Master Xandred and planned to get praise of his master by terrorizing the people and increasing the level of Sanzu River. He annoyed Octoroo by wetting his book and Dayu by wetting her musical instrument. Then he attavked city again and again encountered Rangers. He again successfully battled heroes, but Mike used his spear as staff for leaping and jumped to Desperaino and then striked Nighlok with spinning sword, destroying him. He was resurrected as a mega-monster and again fought the rangers, but he was then destroyed by the Samurai Battlewing.Forest for the Trees

Desperaino later attended a Halloween party at the Nighlok Heaven where he recounts his battles with the Samurai Rangers. Party Monsters


Desperaino was arrogant and confident Nighlok with prideful attitude and he enjoyed terrorizing people and placing them into despair with his magic. However he also possess sense of humor and tells that rain increases his mood.

Powers And Abilities

  • Flight: By opening the umbrella above his head, he is able to fly.
  • Despair Cloud: He can create a cloud of despair to make anyone who touches the rain full of despair.


  • Spear: Desperaino is armed with a spear in battle.
    • Lasers: He can also fire lasers from his spear.

Behind The Scenes



  • He is voiced by the same voice actor as Yamiror.


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