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"I'll have you know... I'm not happy about this at all!"
―Desolar defeated the first time.[src]
"Now this makes me happy!"
―After being hit with the Maximizer.[src]
"Now I won't live happily ever after!"
―Final words before his death[src]
Desolar (small)

Desolar is a monster sent by Levira to steal happiness of humans to cure Prince Vekar's cold.

Character History

He was sent by the Prince to steal happiness to cure his cold. He manged to steal happiness from a bride at her wedding, and the Rangers all chased him until he went big. He was fooling around with them taking Orion's Megazord and attacking the Mega Rangers with Orion's Megazord. He then went in the skyship and fooled around with them too. Then he made a big hole in the Megazord and escaped. Prince Vekar sent him back down to earth. He stole happiness from some children only to be defeated by the Mega Rangers. He was maximized by Levira only to be defeated by the Megazord. 


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Desolar's primary weapon is a broom like staff which allows him to take happiness from humans. Unlike most monsters, Desolar had a dial on his chest, allowing him to freely change his size.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Desolar's voice actor would go on to voice Redbot from Power Rangers Ninja Steel & Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel. Desolar is Byron Coll's first role in Power Rangers and unlike Redbot, Desolar's role is of a minor role & MOTW.
    • Desolar's voice is identical to Redbots.
    • Haim Saban was able to use the suit from his counterpart in American footage instead of using Sentai footage. It was easier for Megaforce Mode.

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