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Derical is a Space Beast of the Great Star League Gozma

Character History

Derical is a Space Beast summoned by Giluke in his final attempt to take over the world for Bazoo under threat of no more chances. Its special ability is the "Magne Storm", a collection of flakes that disrupts all electronic devices and electromagnetic waves with magnetism, preventing anything from working when in effect, including the technology of the Changeman that allows for the usage of their Earth Force. Giluke connects Derical to a tower where it would allow for the Magne Storm to flow into air currents where it would disrupt and destroy all electronic devices throughout the world, while Shiima protected both it and the tower. Though the Changeman have problems reaching the tower with their abilities limited from it, Oozora breaks through to it with Pegasus, a horse he adopted, and prepares a bomb to destroy it. But when it fails to get the bomb through, Pegasus sacrifices it's own life to ram the tower and destroy it, disrupting the Magne Storm and stopping the scheme. Derical also can fire bombs from it's mouth and eye-beams from it's huge eyes. Change Pegasus paralyzes it with Pegasus Lightning Spark before destroying it with the Power Bazooka, then destroying it again after being rebuilt.Ep. 30: Run! Pegasus!


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

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