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Deputy Leader Zelmoda (副長ゼルモダ Fukuchō Zerumoda) is the second-in command of the Bowzock and President Gynamo's friend. His main weapon is a sword made up of playing cards. He controls the Wumper minions for the Bowzock, generally releasing them from a jar whenever entering combat or employing them to drive the various vehicles alongside him when in driving combat with the Carranger.


In the past, Zemolda was a wild child who ran amok and caused mayhem throughout the galaxy. After meeting and teaming up with Gynamo when they were younger, the two of them came together as a duo to form the Bowzock gang, which would slowly grow into the power that it would eventually become. Zemolda and Gynamo share a fond friendship with each other and work on helping the other out in time of need. The only time he betrayed Gynamo was after being bribed by RitchiRitchihiker alongside Grotch to eliminate him and Zonnette in a coup; but they reconciled after the instructor's death.

Though Zelmoda has many moments where he seems more comedic, he still is willing to do things in order to advance the mission of blowing up Earth, even sending down a Gorotsuki to marry Gynamo and Zonnette so they could blow it up for their honeymoon! Ultimately, with the guidance of Exhaus, Zelmoda finally does take down the Carranger and assists in blowing up the Pegasus Garage once knowing their true identities. However, he was likewise thrown away by Exhaus with the other Bowzock once no longer deemed useful and ultimately allied with his former enemies to stop the evil force. At the end of the series, he and Inventor Grotch end up going to elementary school on Earth to get a proper education.


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  • His name is derived from "starter motor".



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