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A Depression Seal

Depression Seals (抑制シール Yokusei Shīru) were restraints placed on Londerz Prisoners prior to freeze compression. Once the Prisoners were thawed out, should the seals become removed or damaged, the inmates would then undergo a form of thermal expansion called Rebound that turned them into giants.

List of users and locations

Character Seal location Episode
Don Dolnero Left Upper Torso (Removed after escaping) Case File 1
Mad Bomber Jekkar Upper Left Shoulder Case File 2
Cash Extortionist Keys Upper Left Back Tendril Case File 3
Serial Kidnapper Nabal Left Wrist Case File 4
Hitman Mad Blast Left Lower Torso Case File 5
Jewel Thief Rouge Left Shoulder Case File 6
Corrupted Medicine Doc Left Upper Torso Case File 7
Hijacker Nabokov Left Thigh Case File 8
Corrupted Officer Arnold-K Right Thigh Case File 9
Mercenary Org Upper Right Arm Case File 10
Sadist Gougan Front Left Shoulder Case File 11
Blackmailer Gaymark Lower Left Arm Case File 12
Gambler Velito Lower Left Lobster Claw(Body) Unknown(Alien) Case File 13
Mad Racer Baron Left Thigh Case File 14
Sniper Reihou Left Thigh Case File 15
Gourmet Pyromaniac Vincent Left Upper Torso of Jacket Case File 16
Blackmailing School Gang Leader Flan Upper Left Jacket Sleeve Case File 17
Terrorist Sandoora Right Thigh Case File 18
Catastrophic Weapon Nova (robot) Upper Left Leg Case File 19
Hell's Gate Prisoner Blaster Mad Lower Torso, Front Left Case File 20
Bodyguard Hydrid Back of Left Hand Case File 21
Marriage Swindler Barbera Lower Right Arm Case File 22
Energy Thief Uugo Left Shoulder Case File 23
Assaulter Borg Left Side of Axe Blade on Torso Case File 24
Mad Scientist Genbu Left Thigh Case Files 25 & 26
Beautician Domiiro Left Shoulder Case File 27
Hell's Gate Prisoner Jagul Left Thigh Case File 28
Arms Smuggler Hammer Right Arm Case File 29
Poacher Master Hunter Left Thigh Case File 30
Counselor Zektar Lower Left Arm Case File 31
Bomb-Maker D.D. Ladis Left Thigh Case File 32
Corrupted Financier Dogoal Left Thigh Case File 33
Stalker Detective Abel Lower Left Arm Case File 34
Hacker Yuugento Left Thigh Case File 35
Bats Upper Right Arm (possibly) Timeranger Vs. GoGoV
Dinal Lower Left Arm (possibly) Timeranger Vs. GoGoV
Lupia Left Thigh Timeranger Vs. GoGoV
Real Left Thigh Timeranger Vs. GoGoV
Sealing Left Lower Torso Timeranger Vs. GoGoV
Boribaru Left Thigh (Seal not removed; enlarged by fusing with Spell-Master Pierre) Timeranger Vs. GoGoV
Arms Dealer Banjan Upper Left Arm Case File 36
Saboteur Mayden Lower Left Arm Case File 37
Spiritual Filmmaker Glokun Left Thigh Case File 38
Hell's Gate Prisoner Emboss Left Knee Case File 39
Serial Thief Dorba Left Thigh Case File 40
Prophet Strauss Left Thigh Case File 41
Hell's Gate Prisoner Harbel Left Thigh Case File 42
Computer Engineer Gate Left Thigh Case File 46
MechaCrisis (robot) N/A (No Seal, able to enlarge self) Case File 47
NeoCrisis (robot) N/A (No Seal, able to enlarge self) Case Files 48-50



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