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Denzi Ring (デンジリング Denji Ringu): The Denzimen's transformation device. The transformation call is "Denzi Spark!" (デンジスパーク Denji Supāku).

The Denzi Ring is made of a hard material that will not open outside the command of the one who is in complete control of the transformation, only taking orders from whomever wears it. Any other methods to open the ring other than the user's command will ultimately fail.Ep. 11: Chase the Life-Stealer

At the climax of the Legend War, the Denzi Rings were made redundant when the Denzimen sacrificed their powers with the rest of the first 34 Super Sentai to destroy the invasion force of the Space Empire Zangyack. Resurfacing as Ranger Keys, the Denziman powers would be used by the Gokaigers to assume their forms via the Gokai Change. Ultimately, the Gokaigers returned their borrowed powers to their rightful owners after overthrowing Zangyack.

Transformation Sequence



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