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Denzi Star was the planet that Denzi Dog IC and Princess Denzi came from. It was devastated by the Vader Clan.


3,000 years in the past, planet Denzi was a highly advanced and extremely beautiful world, where all people were happy and successful. However this all changed when the Vader Clan emerged in the dimension and released a monster known as Umitsular; the monster corrupted all of the water on the planet, making it unsafe to drink and destroy and corrode all that it touches. In order to combat the Vader Clan's monster, the people of planet Denzi worked on creating a secret weapon to combat the being which would ultimately be known as the mecha DaiDenzin; but the actions of Umitsular lead to the planet's destruction before it could be deployed. With no other options, the scientists send the secret base where DaiDenzin was created to another world, with the Denzi Computer and Denzi Dog IC to protect it and guide whomever ended up with the technology. The landmass ultimately ended up on Earth where it would become Denzi Land and be used by five youths recruited three thousand years later as Denziman to fight against the Vader Clan threat once again.Ep. 1: Take the Express to the Super FortressEp. 7: The Great Tragedy of Planet Denzi

However while all the people on planet Denzi at the time of Umitsular's attack were killed, a small fleet led by ruler Princess Denzi were off-planet at the time of the attack and became the planet's only survivors. When Hedrian's forces discover the surviving Denzi, they leave the world and search for the world where Denzi Land ended up. Coming to Earth when discovering it as the planet where their technology and remnants, including IC, were located, they confirm it and realize that the Vader Clan could still come to the planet and destroy the remains of their civilization. With that understanding, a fleet of six Denzi people, three males and three females lead by Princess Denzi's confidante Claire are left on the planet with her powerful Rainbow Stone, which possessed a similar power to the Denzi Stone used in the Denziman's suits. Princess Denzi left the planet to continue fighting throughout the galaxy and beyond against the potential threat of the Vader Clan, while Claire's group became part of Earth's races, blending in and distributing their genetics to future generations.Denshi Sentai Denziman MovieEp. 29: The ESPer Detective's Raid

Those who are descendant to the Denzi are known to possess supernatural abilities, generally through a powerful ESP that, if powerful enough, can become felt by Queen Hedrian and cause her immense pain.Ep. 36: The ESPer

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