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Denwalar is Vader Monster "08" of the Vader Clan.

Character History

Denwalar is created by the Vader Clan in a plot to use an artist known for his grim paintings to get his revenge on his critics; manipulating the artist, he makes telephone calls to the artists that he wants eliminated, upon which he ominously tells them "Go To Hell" before Denwalar takes over the phone, becomes a giant telephone and eats the victim. The Denziman catch on after two victims are attacked and protect the third of the critics that had bothered him, while Akira unknowingly is trying to help him discover the beauty of the world with the assistance of the artist's sister. When the artist finally realizes the guilt of everything he has done, Keller and Mirror kill him while Denwalar faces the Denziman in combat, using its tricks before the team finish it off with DenziStick Boomerang. After it grows giant size, DaiDenzin is forced to face multiple telephone attacks before using the Denzi Sword on the giant telephone form, destroying it.


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He uses multiple abilities associated with the telephone, the most notable being the ability to possess a telephone it is connected to and to transform into a giant telephone that eats its victims. It can also use its size manipulation and telekinesis to shrink into a tiny size and to go through telephone lines to transport himself from one phone to another. His body possesses a rotary dial which both can fire machine gun bullets and can be dialed for either manipulating an opponent or to call someone for support. He also uses a staff in the shape of a phone receiver.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Denwalar were designed by character designer Ryuu Noguchi.


  • Naming: "Denwa" - "Telephone"


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