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Demonic General of Betrayal Galza (裏切りの鬼将軍ガルザ Uragiri no Oni-Shōgun Garuza) is one of the generals of the Dark Empire Yodonheim. He is the younger brother of King Oradin and also Princess Mabushina's uncle and Takamichi Crystalia's foster uncle, as well as the reason Yodonheim invaded Crystalia.[1]

Character History



Galza before he betrayed the Crystalian Kingdom

Originally, Galza was a prince of the Crystalian royal family and a hero of the kingdom. Despite being the second-born, his Kiramental was stronger than Oradin's, which led him to believe he was the worthier candidate for the throne.Episode 4: Princess of the Lost World When Oradin became king, Galza's resulting jealousy and resentment towards his brother drove him to betray Crystalia. Alongside Carantula, Galza led the invasion of the planet, during which he killed Oradin and had his lifeless body carried away by Bechats. Later, he joined the Dark Empire Yodonheim as he puts on his new helmet and armor and decides to steal the hopes and light from the people of Earth.Mashin Sentai Kiramaiger: Episode ZERO


Compared to the benevolent presence held by his brother, Galza's take is more malevolent and self-serving, though his knowledge of Crystalia often helped proceed Yodonheim's plans against the Kiramagers. He is also slightly posh, drawing amusement from Carantula's antics, and serves as a calmer influence compared to his wildness. He is also shown to be quite manipulative, fierce, aggressive, and cruel, as he played on Mabushina's feelings for her father and exploited Takamichi’s ego.

Possibly due to his anger and jealousy of Oradin, Galza possess a childish sense of arrogance, claiming himself superior to the Crystalian ruler in every way. As Juru is essentially Oradin in a human body, Galza despises him to absolute levels, which worsened after the first formation of King Express. He also possesses a hatred of all those he sees as weaklings, claiming all as his enemies. Because of this, he will violently and brutally kill even a Jamenshi if they fit the bill.


Powers and Abilities

  • Imagination Manifestation: Like Juru Atsuta and King Oradin, Galza possesses a strong imagination that allows him to alter the Royal Train into Mashin Jouki.
  • Armor Manifestation/Manipulation: Galza can manifest his armor from his body and place it on himself through thought.
  • Energy Slash: Galza's sword can deliver a fatal energized slash of darkness, as seen when he killed his brother.
  • Dark Fire Generation: Galza is able to shoot out a stream of dark fire from his hand, as seen in his battle with Juru.
  • Jamental (ジャメンタル Jamentaru): Uncommon among Crystallians, Galza possesses Jamental, the dark equivalent of Kiramental, which utilizes his anger and rage to increase his power.
    • Darkness Generation: Through his Jamental, Galza can generate darkness energy to power himself.
  • Shockwave Kick: He was able to generate a violet shockwave with his kick in his battle with Takamichi.
  • Corruption: Galza can corrupt an opponent's heart and with the help of a Jaaku Monstone, he can turn them into unwilling puppets of evil. The victims' minds are still intact, but they have no control over their actions.
  • Shadow Absorption: Galza is shown to have the ability to absorb shadow and dark energy.
  • Enlarging: Galza can enlarge the Dark Monstone by using his Jamental powers.


  • Sword: Galza wields a hook/crescent-bladed sword in combat.
    • Spark Wave Generation: Galza can draw the tip of his sword along the ground in a straight line to generate a large wave of sparks that will damage his enemy. It was first used against Takamichi.
    • Energy Empowerment: He can charge up the blade of his sword with violet and magenta energies to slash at full force.


Behind the Scenes


  • Galza is voiced by Yuuichi Nakamura (中村 悠一 Nakamura Yūichi), who previously voiced Beet J. Stag/Stag Buster in Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters. His suit actor is Keizo Yabe (矢部敬三 Yabe Keizo).
    • Interestingly, the second season of Power Rangers Beast Morphers (the adaptation of Go-Busters) was airing during Kiramager.


  • Galza is one of the many Super Sentai villains who were portrayed by someone who had portrayed a Sentai hero before, similar to Sakura (Kakuranger), Gachireus, Kukuruga, Akyanba, Tecchu, and Resentful Knight Endolf
    • Interestingly, Endolf and Galza had the same suit actor.
    • Coincidentally both Galza and Akyanba turned a Silver Ranger into Evil.
      • Also both character's actors previously portrayed two of the Go-Busters.
  • Galza is similar to Sorcery Priest Meemy from Mahou Sentai Magiranger: both previously worked alongside the allies but eventually betrayed them and took a new guise when becoming a member of the villain group.
  • Galza betraying his family and his home planet out of resentment and creating an alliance with the planet's adversaries is similar the DC Comics supervillain, Blackfire.
    • His plot to murder his brother and niece and arranged for a villain faction to do it for him is also similar to Scar from The Lion King.
      • Due to this and because the jealousy that he had for Oradin for being the king instead of him, Galza is often compared by fans with Scar.
  • His voice actor, Yuichi Nakamura, had also voice Orm Marius/Ocean Master in the Japanese dub of the 2018 Aquaman movie. Just like Orm, Garza had an unhealthy relationship with his older brother (Oradin for Garza, Arthur Curry/Aquaman for Orm), however, unlike Orm, Garza managed to kill his older brother, while Orm never succeeds in killing his brother, but he does succeeds in becoming the king of Atlantis before Arthur came to reclaim his throne. Another difference is that Orm is Arthur's half-brother, while Garza is Oradin's biological brother.
  • Galza is also similar to Apostle of Darkness Geildon and Apostle of Destruction Jeanne from Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger (which has the same head writer as Kiramager, Naruhisa Arakawa). Both previously worked alongside their allies too (in their case, family, as they were both Asuka/Abare Black's older brother-in-law and wife respectively), before turning to the dark side and donning a pitch black armored form wielding a sword (though Geildon mainly fights with an axe, while Jeanne is the former).
    • The difference is, they were both manipulated into thinking Asuka had betray them, while Garza actually chooses to work with the villains out of jealousy to his older brother.
    • Also, Garza's Yodonheim armor appears to be a creation of Yodonheim, while the Armor of Darkness previously belonged to the Ryuujin and was locked away because of its destructive powers.
    • Ironically, while Garza managed to have a Mashin (and a dinosaur, too) on his side, Jeanne never succeeded to have a Bakuryuu on her side (Dimenokodon did, but he was turned back to the heroes' side).
    • Curiously in his first fight with Takamichi, he called his own armor his armor of darkness (暗黒の鎧 ankoku no yoroi), which is the name of the armor suit worn by Jeanne.
  • To tie in Galza's relationship with Oradin and Mabushina, his skin is black and he has red eyes, also wearing grey clothes instead of white. He does, however, wear white gloves, and his head features gold highlights similar to those of his niece and brother.



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