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Demon Warriors

The Demon Warriors are a group of demonic foot soldiers.


When Vypra returned from the dead, she gave rise to five Demon Warriors, which emerged from graves. Each was colored differently to match one of the colors of the five main Rangers of both teams. The creatures were armed with swords, and vanished when defeated. They aided Vypra and Ransik's Mutants in their bid to release the Super Demon Quarganon. After Wesley Collins and Carter Grayson were cornered by Vypra and Ransik, the Demon Warriors arrived having apprehended the other Time Force Rangers causing Wesley and Carter to surrender the Solar Amulet. The Demon Warriors witnessed the release of Quarganon and were present when the other Lightspeed Rangers, Ryan Mitchell, and Eric Myers showed up to help fight the villains. The Demon Warriors were defeated by the combined efforts of the Lightspeed Rangers and Time Force Rangers.

The first to be destroyed was taken out by the Titanium Laser and the Quantum Defender, the second went down from a shot to the back from Dana's Rescue Blaster and Thermo Blaster. The third was taken down by a powerful slash from Eric's [Battle] armor and the fourth was taken down by a barrage from the Chrono Blasters and Mega Battle Blue and Green. The fifth and final Demon Warrior was taken down by all the V-Weapons (sans Wes) firing at once.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Time for Lightspeed


  • These Demon Warriors are exclusive to Power Rangers and serve a similar role of foot soldiers as the Batlings.
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