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Demon Sword Priest Mad Torin (魔剣神官デーボ・アキダモンネ Maken Shinkan Maddo Torin) is an evil doppelgänger of Torin created by Chaos. His form is considered the true form of Torin when he was still a part of the Deboss Army.

Mad Torin falls in battle to Torin when the Wise God transforms into Kyoryu Silver, and is later defeated by Gigant Kyoryuzin's Super Zyuden All Gigant Explosion.


Mad Torin is the opposite of everything Torin is. Mad Torin sees the original Torin as the "failure" who he must destroy.

Modus and Arsenal

  • Mad Edge

He has all of the abilities of Torin, but without his weak heart, Mad Torin is far more lethal, making him a very dangerous opponent to fight against.

His weapon is called the Mad Edge (マッドエッジ Maddo Ejji), which is the medium of his signature technique. Demon Sword Madness Flame (魔剣マッドネスフレイム Maken Maddonesu Fureimu)

His motive is to gather dark energy from the souls of the reviving Debo Monsters as they absorb stuff to restore their physical bodies to destroy the world by opening up the portal to the Land of Darkness wider. He can also bring back Debo Monsters by expanding the Land of Darkness' influence.



Behind the Scenes



  • Mad Torin was similar to Mad Jack from Samurai Jack.
  • The appearance of Mad Torin is similar to the Sagittarius ZodiartsIcon-crosswiki.

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