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Demon Bird's Magic Jewel

  • Hazard Level: 600

Demon Bird's Magic Jewel (魔鳥の魔宝玉 Machō no Mahōgyoku) blue statue of a bird, presumably an owl, which rests within Hermit's Gorge sealed away long ago by a powerful ninja. Within the statue is the demonic energy of a powerful Demon Bird (魔鳥 Machō) that caused havoc on a night when the moon was "split into three". As the bird rampaged, a powerful ninja confronted it but was only able to stop it's rampage by sealing a portion of the demonic energy within his own body. By sealing the energy, this ninja himself changed into a bird but was able to contain the remaining energy in a statue so that the creature would never rampage again. Hermit's Gorge ultimately became holy ground for the ninja clan due to the statue residing there, which would ultimately evolve into the Negative Syndicate, Dark Shadow.

Although Dark Shadow knew of the sacred meaning of Hermit's Gorge, Gekkou had forbidden them from meddling with the Precious located there. However seeing the need to eliminate the Boukengers, Yaiba leads Shizuka to the location to unseal the statue while inviting the Boukengers on a "hot springs trip" to the location, ultimately drawing out Natsuki, Souta and Eiji to there. But with the statue of the demon bird unsealed, Gekkou began to lose his own power as the ceremony for the demon's return began to take effect. Tricking Natsuki under his own control, Gekkou leads her to the statue site where he tells her his story and the importance of resealing the statue. However Yaiba forbade it, preventing Gekkou and even betraying all of Dark Shadow due to his own motives. As the ceremony completed, the demonic energy reawoken within Gekkou turning him into the Demon Bird and forcing him to battle the Boukengers with a horrifying rampage against DaiVoyager. Ultimately wishing to protect him and seeing Gekkou's good intention, Natsuki and Eiji reseal the statue changing Gekkou back, but not before permanently damaging Yaiba's position in the clan due to hurting his leader as well as Shizuka. After the incident, the entire Hermit's Gorge was sealed off by SGS to prevent the effect of the Demon Bird statue from ever taking hold again. Task 44: The Hermit's Onsen Task 45: The Evilest Wicked Dragon

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