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Demon Bird (魔鳥 Machō) was a gigantic monstrous bird that appeared in GoGo Sentai Boukenger. His soul is currently destroyed, while his body is under possession of Gekkou of Illusions.

Character History

Centuries ago, the Demon Bird terrorized the Hermit's Gorge. It was stopped by Gekkou of Illusions and his soul was sealed in the Demon Jewel. But due to the process of the sealing, it costed Gekkou his human body, and was forced to dominate the diminutive body of the Demon Bird, which took the form of a blue owl.

Eventually in the present, after Yaiba of Darkness betrayed Dark Shadow, he releases the Demon Bird's soul once again, where it possess Gekkou for it's older body and arose as a towering giant. Even DaiVoyager wasn't able to withstand its power, but when Eiji Takaoka and Natsuki Mamiya restored the seal over the orb, the Demon Bird was weakened and defeated by the Adventure Double Screw. While the Demon Bird's soul was destroyed, it's body remains to house Gekkou.

Powers and Abilties

Wind Manipulation
The Demon Bird can create and manipulate strong winds to its advantage, creating storms and hurricanes, as well as reflecting incoming projectiles.
Using its wings, the Demon Bird can fly at fairly average speeds.
Strong Beak
The Demon Bird possess a strong beak, which it can use as a melee weapon.
Lightning Bolt
The Demon Bird can generate lightning from its wings.



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