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Demon Beast Daitanix


Castle in Daitanix

Demon Beast Daitanix (魔獣ダイタニクス, Majū Daitanikusu, 1-42) was the first of the Demon Beasts. A monstrous entity of immense size and power, it was born on Captain Zahab's home planet and tamed by the Balban by attaching their castle to its back. After this, Daitanix served as their pirate ship, carrying them throughout the galaxy so the Balban could rob planet after planet of their treasures.  Once a planet had been completely plundered, Daitanix would then plunge through it, devouring its core and converting the planet's life force into a special jewel that Zahab used to unnaturally extend the lives of himself and his crew. Long ago, the Balban and Daitanix arrived on Earth with the intent of making it their latest conquest but were defeated by the combined power of the Starbeasts and the first Gingamen who then sealed them beneath the ocean.

3000 years later, an earthquake broke the seal on the Balban and once more set them loose on Earth. Fortunately, Daitanix's seal remained intact, forcing the Balban to focus their actions on finding ways to revive him. However, their attempts were constantly thwarted by the latest generation of Gingaman along with their old enemy Black Knight Bullblack and later Bullblack's successor Hyuuga. The Balban finally succeeded in reviving Daitanix when Spectral Empress Iliess' lifeforce was infused into Daitanix to get its heart beating, and then fully awakened it when Destruction King Battobas used the corrupted warrior Degius (デギウス, Degiusu) as a conduit to channel a massive amount of energy from a passing Asteroid.

When finally revived, Daitanix easily defeated Super Armor Shine Gingaioh, despite the aid of Steel Starbeast GigaRhinos and Steel Starbeast GigaPhoenix. However, its long period of inactivity had caused its body around its back where the Balban castle stood to decay, and the strain of battle further accelerated the damage, forcing the Balban to abandon it before claiming a final victory over the Gingamen. Learning of its weakness, the Gingamen and Black Knight targeted its back, and after Ryouma returned, Ginga Leon's flames injured its back further. After forming Super Armor Shine Gingaioh and with GigaRhinos and GigaPhoenix arriving after they fully recovered, Daitanix was then brought down by Bull Taurus' Great Bison Fierce Cut (with the Knight Axe) and GigaPhoenix and GigaRhinos's combined energy cyclone attack, and finally killed by Super Armor Shine Gingaioh using a new technique, the Galaxy Beast King Unrelenting Cut.

However, a piece of Daitanix' flesh survived its destruction, falling into the Earth itself where it slowly evolved into a new monstrous form, the Earth Demon Beast



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  • Daitanix' name is a combination of Dai (大), the japanese word for "big" and Titanic.

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