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Demon-Fist Master Jin Matoba (魔拳士ジン的場陣 Makenshi Matoba Jin, 26-39, 47 & 48): A master of Kempo and all forms of martial arts, Jin Matoba was a gentleman assassin. His favorite targets were martial arts masters, as his own master cut off his left arm. Jin got a prosthesis, perfected his arts, went on a campaign to slaughter in fair challenge other masters who considered themselves fit to destroy promising students and fully intended, when he was ready, to return and kill his first teacher. Jin's trademark was to flip a coin into the air and kill his opponent before it landed. But the man foiled that plan by dying before Jin got around to it. But that all changed the day he meet Ryo of the Heavenly Fire Star and was defeated by him. Jin soon later sold his soul to Major Zydos to become stronger than Ryo, becoming the Demon-Fist Master after assaulting the only person who cared for him. But Jin refused to be Gorma's lapdog and perfected his new-found powers on his own, after which he went hunting for Ryo. His power had many facets, and one of them was the deadly "Dance of the Spider" poisoning technique.

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Zydos captured the rogue and infused him with more Gorma power, turning him into Garouki (餓狼鬼, Garōki Hungry-Wolf Demon). Unlike the normally born Gorma, Jin's transformation was against his will and thus he is unable to control himself as Garouki. As Garouki, Jin is like a totally obedient dog for Zydos with a desire to kill and eat his victims. Jin was soon freed of his "Gorma-incarnation" thanks to Ryo's attack separating the monster from his body. While Jin fought Zydos, with Garouki destroyed by the Super Chi-Power Bazooka, he was mortally wounded. After one final bout with Ryo, Jin went on the run from the Gorma. Jin was last seen fighting the bulk of an entire army of Cotpotros led by Zydos, only to be seemingly gunned down by the 2nd wave. But Jin later appeared to Ryo and proceeded to beat sense into him on not giving up despite no longer being a Dairanger.


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