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Demebakuto (デメバクト): Demebakuto is a manical Ayakashi and the main antagonist of The Return of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger: Special Act armed with a Saiten Tōrōsō (賽転灯籠槍 Rolling Tōrō Spear) who after assuming his second life used his Enveloping Hands to trap the Shinkengers in a movie-based dream world with his revolving lantern and its dream-word counterparts keeping the illusion up. After breaking free, they use Shin Samurai Gattai DaiKaiShinkenOh to turn his attack on him before finally destroying him.



concept art

  • His appearance is the basis of the Te-no-me (手の目) of Japanese myth.
  • His costume is a rebuilt and modified version of Isagitsune's suit.

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