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"Ummm........Tanbara-san, can I have a moment? (....) The ring is mine! All that's left is to set it in this. The super energy will belong to the Jaryuu tribe!"
―Wicked Dragon Dembey's first words
"Panpashi Ekiden......I also wanted to see it!"
―Wicked Dragon Dembey's final words before his death
"Boukengers! No mercy!"
―Wicked Dragon Dembey's first words being enlarged

Wicked Dragon Dembey (邪悪竜デンベエ, Jaakuryū Denbee) is one of the Jaakuryuu.

Character History

Dembey was created to infiltrate MOE-TV to obtain "The Ring of Prosperity" posing as the station's mascot "Dembey", when Sakura foils its plans, reveals his true, violent identity and along with some Jaryuus, enlarges itself and attacks with his firebreath and sword but was killed by Voyager DaiBouken's Riding Adventure Drive. The way to difference him from the real Dembey is that the evil one isn't wearing shoes.


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Behind the Scenes

  • He is the only Wicked Dragon not to be adapted for Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.
    • The main reason could be that his goofy design did not fit for Operation Overdrive's darker theme.
  • His motif is based off a dragon.


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