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""I am Demagnetron! What is my mission, Master?""
―Demagnetron's first words to Mesogog.[src]
"I'm back!"
―Demagnetron upon being grown.[src]

Demagnetron is a monster created by Mesogog combined with DNA of Diving Bettle and Rhododendron, and a magnet. He serves as as the main antagonist of the episode "Game On".  


Demagnetron was created by Mesogog. Mesogog sent Demagnetron to destroy the Power Rangers by separating them. Demagnetron zaped Ethan into a video game, where he must seek the help of a powerful wizard Beldorf. He also sends Cassidy and Devin into the game, and the results of which sends Kira there as well. His energy accidentally brings the Triptoids into the real world. Later he encountered Conner. Conner made the monster shoot with his rays again and returned the rangers and people back. Demagnetron left. Later Demagnetron attacked Reefside. He tried to ruin the electric community of the city. He was defeated by rangers from Z-Rex Blaster. Later Demagnetron was enlarged and attacked Reefside again. In the giant battle he tried to attack Thundersaurus Megazord with his ability digging in the ground and nearly defeated it. But the rangers used locators to find him and used their powers to finally destroy the monster. Game On


Demagnetron is very tricky, deceptive and cunning. He is also very devious and unpredictable and will stop at nothing to destroy the power rangers. But he is also very loyal to Mesogog.

Powers And Abilities

  • Pulse of Energy: Demagnetron used a power pulse to alter the computer and zaps to Ethan, Cassidy, Devin and Kira in the game.
  • Shoot Rays: He can shoot rays of color blue and red in his magnets of his hands.
  • Whirl-Drill: He can twist to transformed in a drill and hide in the underground or a surprise attack.

Behind The Scenes



  • Demagnetron is the first monster that used Triptoids.
  • It's unknown if he had any last words before his death.

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