This article is about a/an Gigadrone in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

"Get ready to meet your next fighter! This mighty Gigadrone dines on danger and snacks on destruction! It's Deltadrone!"
―Boxertron introducing Deltadrone.[src]

Deltadrone is a Gigadrone Delta Model created from the data of Boxertron and one of his four counterparts in Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2

Character History

Deltadrone was deployed whilst the Racer Zord was taking a beating from Gammadrone and Betadrone and awaited teleportation into Boxertron. The Rangers saw it as an opportunity to enter the arena and latched onto it with their Cable Strike but were repelled when it was sucked into the building after the death of Betadrone. It and Gammadrone teamed up and wiped the floor with the Racer Zord but the Racer Zord turned the tide with a devastating double kick and they were all thrown out of Boxertron when the Beast-X King Ultrazord stabbed him with it's lance. They quickly recovered and unleashed a flurry of attacks on the Ultrazord but it was completely unfazed and Deltadrone was destroyed by the Rapid Blast.


Deltadrone is silent as with all Delta Models but is clearly competitive. It is also clearly a showman since it spun on the spot and did a pleased gesture to the non-existent crowds when being introduced.

Powers and abilities

  • Strength- Out of the four Gigadrones, Deltadrone was definitely the strongest as it was able to throw down the Racer Zord and a flurry of punches tied the Racer Zord up in the ring ropes.
  • Durability-Deltadrone took a "huge" double kick from the Racer Zord to the chest (alongside Gammadrone) and was sent flying and hit the ground hard, but soon recovered.


  • Boxing Gloves: The Deltadrone has massive red boxing gloves that it can use to smash its enemies with.


  • Deltadrone is the first Delta Model Gigadrone to appear in Beast Morphers Season 2.
    • It's also the first Delta Model with Robotron data, as well as the first Delta to be deployed on its own instead of spawning from another Gigadrone.
    • Whether intentional or not, the four boxing Gigadrones represent a different element of boxing or sports performed at the Olympics. Deltadrone represents traditional boxing.

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