This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Turbo, the third season in the Zordon Era .

"I'm Delisha Ennivel a fashion diva."
―Delisha Ennivel's introduction to Ashley[src]

―Delisha Ennivel's first words being enlarged[src]

―Delisha Ennivel's final words before her death

Delisha Ennivel is a tropical fish/fashion designer monster who created jackets to place on Earthlings making them insanely angry.

Character History

Delisha Ennivel appears to have been an alien fashion designer, while also possessing powerful strength. She was summoned by Divatox to fight the Turbo power rangers. Delisha hatched a plan by flattering Ashley Hammond, a wannabe fashion designer. Delisha offered to sell Ashley’s latest design, jackets. Delisha offered to make Ashley part of the fashion world, and Ashley happily accepted. Delisha then got into a limousine car, and it was revealed she was not human, but a monster serving Divatox. She created a cauldron and a special potion in a factory that had several Piranhatrons as well as Elgar working in, poisoning Ashley’s jackets. Ashley’s new jackets became a huge success, and each ranger except Ashley as she was wearing her original jacket wore one. But the jackets Delisha poisoned made the wearers mean. Delisha also got the Blue Senturion to wear a jacket, and he became mean as well. After the rangers took off their jackets, they battled the Blue senturion in their megazords and got his jacket off too. After the plan failed, and the jackets were all taken off and went out of style, Delisha was enlarged by Divatox. Delisha put up a good fight, but was eventually destroyed by the Robo racer and the Turbo Megazord.


Delisha was cunning and intelligent, being able to possibly develop a formula to poison clothing, though this may have been developed by Porto. She was also manipulative and charming, flattering Ashley and the Blue senturion to do what she wanted, like flattering Ashley about her designs and the Blue senturion about how good he would look with a jacket on.

Powers and Abilities

Strength- Delisha was able to take on the zords easily.

Eye lasers- Delisha could shoot lasers from her eyes.

Fabric rope- Delisha had the ability to create a long rope made of fabric from energy in her hands and use it to trap her enemies in a knot.

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