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A list of merchandise for the 28th Super Sentai series Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger.[1]

Roleplay Items

TSD 2004SPlicense
  • Transformation I.D. SP License (変身手帳 SPライセンス Henshin Techō Esu Pī Raisensu)

TSD hybridmagnum
  • Hybrid Magnum (ハイブリッドマグナム Haiburiddo Magunamu)

TSD darmsset
  • D-Arms Set (ディーアームズセット Dī Āmuzu Setto)

TSD 2004masterlicense
  • Transformation I.D. Master License (変身手帳マスターライセンス Henshin Techō Masutā Raisensu)

TSD Dswordvega
  • D-Sword Vega (ディーソードベガ Dī Sōdo Bega)

TSD dbazooka
  • D-Bazooka (ディーバズーカ Dī Bazūka)

TSD bracethr
  • Thrusting Transformation BraThrottle (正拳変身ブレスロットル Seiken Henshin Buresurottoru)

  • Special Weapon D-Revolver (スペシャルウエポン ディーリボルバー Supesharu Uepon Dī Riborubā)

Super Sentai Artisan

Main article: Super Sentai Artisan

SPD Set Contents

  • Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger SP License SPD Set (特捜戦隊デカレンジャー SPライセンス SPDセット Tokusō Sentai Dekarenjā Esu Pī Raisensu Esu Pī Dī Setto)
    • Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger SP License (特捜戦隊デカレンジャー SPライセンス Tokusō Sentai Dekarenjā Esu Pī Raisensu)
    • Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger SP License (Fire Squad Version) (特捜戦隊デカレンジャー SPライセンス(ファイヤースクワッドver.) Tokusō Sentai Dekarenjā Esu Pī Raisensu (Faiyā Sukuwaddo ver.))
  • Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger Master License (特捜戦隊デカレンジャー マスターライセンス Tokusō Sentai Dekarenjā Masutā Raisensu)

DX Mecha

2004 dekarangerrobo
  • Tokusou Combination DX Dekaranger Robo (特捜合体 DX デカレンジャーロボ Tokusō Gattai Derakkusu Dekarenjā Robo)

2004 dekabaserobo
  • Massive Activation DX DekaBase Robo (超巨大起動 DX デカベースロボ Chōkyodai Kidō Derakkusu Deka Bēsu Robo)

2004 dekabikerobo
  • Tokusou Transformation DX DekaBike Robo (特捜変形 DX デカバイクロボ Tokusō Henkei Derakkusu Deka Baiku Robo)

2004 dekawingrobo
  • Tokusou Combination DX DekaWing Robo (特捜合体 DX デカウイングロボ Tokusō Gattai Derakkusu Deka Uingu Robo)

2004 blastbuggy
  • Blast Buggy (ブラストバギー Burasuto Bagī)

2004 superdekarangerrobo
  • Super Tokusou Combination DX Super Dekaranger Robo (超特捜合体 DX スーパーデカレンジャーロボ Chō Tokusō Gattai Derakkusu Sūpā Dekarenjā Robo)
    • A Toys'R'Us exclusive set.

Box Art Gallery

Action Figures

Figure & Vehicle Sets


Machine Doberman Set (マシンドーベルマンセット Mashin Dōberuman Setto) includes a Deka Red figure and the Machine Doberman car. The figure can be laid inside of the entire car case.


Machine Husky Set (マシンハスキーセット Mashin Hasukī Setto) includes a Deka Blue figure  motand his motorcycle, Machine Husky.


Machine Bull Set (マシンブルセット Mashin Buru Setto) includes a Deka Green figure and the Machine Bull car. The figure can be laid inside of the entire car case.

TSD DBcrawler

DekaBase Crawler Set (デカベースクローラーセット Deka Bēsu Kurōrā Setto) includes a figure of Deka Master with a scaled-down version of the DekaBase Crawler.


Machine Boxer Set (マシンボクサーセット Mashin Bokusā Setto) includes a Deka Break figure with his Machine Boxer unicycle.

Change! Dekamachine

TSD changedekared

The Change! DekaMachine! (チェンジ!デカマシン! Chenji! Deka Mashin!) line features figures of Deka Red, Deka Blue, and Deka Green with the ability to transform into their personal DekaMachines.

Handy Series

The Handy Series (ハンディシリーズ Handi Shirīzu) was Bandai's line of budget priced robots and roleplay items. The robots are smaller and lighter than the DX versions but still have combining and transforming abilities.

  • Handy Series 01: Dekaranger Robo
  • Handy Series 02: D-Magnum Set
  • Handy Series 03: D-Sniper Set
  • Handy Series 04: DekaBase Robo

Dekaranger Action Figures

TSD banprestofigures

Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger Action Figures (特捜戦隊デカレンジャー アクションフィギュア Tokusō Sentai Dekarenjā Akushon Figyua) were produced by Banpresto. Each figure comes with a sidearm and has articulation points at the neck, shoulder, elbows, hips, and knees.

Popy Brand

Sound Warriors (サウンド戦士 Saundo Senshi) are figures manufactured by Plex that measure approximately 16 centimeters tall. There is a button on the back that activates sound effects when pressed. A DekaRed figure was released.

Plastic Hero Series (プラヒーローシリーズ Pura Hīrō Shirīzu)

  • Dekaranger Robo

S.H. Figuarts

TSD figuarts
Main article: S.H. Figuarts

Through 2012 and 2013, the main five Dekarangers were produced by Tamashii Nations for Bandai's S.H. Figuarts line. Each figure includes several replacement hands, a SP License with holder, and their personal weapons.

  • Deka Red
  • Deka Blue
    • Accessories: D-Rod (short), D-Rod (long), D-Knuckle, and D-Sniper.
  • Deka Green
    • Accessories: D-Rod (short), D-Rod (long), D-Knuckle, and D-Blaster.
  • Deka Yellow
    • Accessories: D-Stick (short), D-Stick (long), D-Knuckle, D-Shot, D-Wappa, SP Shooter and a hand with Zeni Bombs.
  • Deka Pink
    • Accessories: D-Stick (short), D-Stick (long), D-Knuckle, D-Shot, D-Wappa, SP Shooter and a hand with Zeni Bombs.

Super Robot Chogokin

TSD SRchogokin
Main article: Super Robot Chogokin

Super Robot Chogokin Dekaranger Robo (スーパーロボット超合金 デカレンジャーロボ Sūpā Robotto Chōgōkin Dekarenjā Robo)

Vinyl Figures

Dekaranger Sentai Vinyl Figure

The Sentai Hero Series (戦隊ヒーローシリーズ Sentai Hīrō Shirīzu) is a toyline manufactured by Bandai. Each figure stands about 17 centimeters tall.

TSD sofubicho

HG Series: Soft Vinyl Super (ソフビ道 Sofubi Chō) is another line of vinyl figures produced by Bandai. The figures measure approximately 10 centimeters tall.

  • DekaRed
  • DekaBlue
  • DekaGreen
  • DekaYellow
  • DekaPink

TSD sofubis
TSD swatsofubi

Bandai's Play Hero Series is a line of soft vinyl figures sold individually as candy toys. They measure about 9 centimeters tall and have limited details and paint applications.

  • Wave 1
    1. DekaRed
    2. DekaBlue
    3. DekaGreen
    4. DekaYellow
    5. DekaPink
  • Wave 2
    • SWAT Mode 5 Set

TSD clearsofubi

Dekaranger Judgement 6 Figure Set (デカレンジャー ジャッジメントフィギュア6体セット Dekarenjā Jajjimento Figyua Rokutai Setto) is a set of five translucent versions of the Play Hero soft vinyls and a DekaMaster figure that was not released for retail sale. They were available exclusively through Terebi-kun Magazine.

Twin Sets are packages of two vinyl figures released under Bandai's Yutaka label.

  • DekaRed & DekaBlue
  • DekaMaster & Anaroid

TSD collectablefigure

Collectible Soft Vinyl Figures (コレクタブルソフビフィギュア Korekutaburu Sofubi Figyua) are 13 centimeter tall figures packaged in window boxes. Two sets were produced by Banpresto and were available as arcade prizes. The sets included figures of the five Dekarangers, Dekaranger Robo, and Murphy K-9.

Large Vinyls

TSD bigsofubis

Deka Red Extra-Large Figure (デカレッド とく大フギュア Deka Reddo Tokudai Figyua) was sent to Terebi-kun subscribers.

Deka Red Swat Mode Super Large Figure (デカレッド(スワットモード)超でかフィギュア Deka Reddo (Suwatto Mōdo) Chō Deka Figyua) was sent to Terebi Magazine subscribers. It measures 31 centimeters tall.

TSD bigsofubimaster

Big Sized Soft Vinyls (ビッグサイズソフビ Biggu Daizu Sofubi) are 31 centimeter tall figures manufactured by Banpresto. They are usually available as prizes in arcades. A black base was packaged with each figure.

  • Wave 1
    • DekaRed
    • DekaBlue
    • DekaYellow
  • Wave 2
    • DekaRed
    • DekaGreen
    • DekaPink
  • Wave 3
    • DekaBreak
    • DekaMaster

Candy Toys


  • Minipla Dekaranger Robo (ミニプラ デカレンジャーロボ Minipura Dekarenjā Robo)
    1. Red PatStriker
    2. Blue PatGyrer & Yellow PatArmor
    3. Green PatTrailer & Pink PatSigner

TSD MP-Dekabase
  • Minipla DekaBase Robo (ミニプラ デカベースロボ Minipura Dekabēsu Robo)
    1. DekaBase (top)
    2. DekaBase (bottom)

  • Minipla Dekaranger Robo Full Blast Custom (ミニプラ デカレンジャーロボ フルブラストカスタム Minipura Dekarenjā Robo Furu Burasuto Kasutamu)
    1. Red Patsriker
    2. Blue Patgyrer & Yellow Patarmor
    3. Green Pattrailer & Pink Patsigner
    4. Blast Buggy

TSD MP-dekabike
  • Minipla DekaBike Robo (ミニプラ デカバイクロボ Minipura Deka Baiku Robo)
    1. DekaBike Robo

TSD MP-dekawing
  • Minipla DekaWing Robo (ミニプラ デカウイングロボ Minipura Deka Uingu Robo)
    1. PatWing 1
    2. PatWing 2 (with PatMagnum)
    3. PatWing 3
    4. PatWing 4 & 5

Roleplay Items

TSD darms
  • D-Arms (ディーアームズ Dī Āmuzu)
    1. D-Magnum 01
    2. D-Magnum 02
    3. D-Sniper
    4. D-Shot

TSD armeddeka
  • Super-Armed Dekaranger (超武装デカレンジャー Chō Busō Dekarenjā)
    1. SP License
    2. D-Buckle
    3. D-Bazooka

  • Emergency DekaMaster (エマージェンシーデカマスター Emājenshī Dekamasutā)
    1. D-Sword Vega
    2. Change DekaMaster
    3. Master License

  • Tokusou Mobile DekaBreak (特捜機動デカブレイク Tokusō Kidō Deka Bureiku)
    1. DekaBreak & Machine Boxer
    2. BraThrottle

Figures & Miscellaneous

TSD dashDM
  • Emergency Dispatch DekaMachines (緊急出動デカマシン Kinkyū Shutsudō Deka Mashin)
    1. Dash PatStriker
    2. Dash PatGyrer
    3. Dash PatTrailer
    4. Dash PatArmor
    5. Dash PatSigner

TSD actiondeka
  • Action Dekaranger (アクションデカレンジャー Akushon Dekarenjā)
    1. DekaRed
    2. DekaBlue
    3. DekaGreen
    4. DekaYellow
    5. DekaPink

  • Full Size Art Collection: Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger

TSD CTcollection
  • Big Dekaranger Collection (デカレンジャー大集合 Dekarenjā Dai Shūgō)
    1. DekaRed A
    2. DekaRed B
    3. DekaBlue
    4. DekaGreen
    5. DekaYellow
    6. DekaPink
    7. Doggy Kruger
    8. DekaMaster
    9. Dekaranger Robo A
    10. Dekaranger Robo B


  • Full Color Heroes (フルカラーヒーロー Furu Karā Hīrō)
    • Wave 1: Emergency Dispatch Dekaranger Edition
      • DekaRed
      • DekaBlue
      • DekaGreen
      • DekaYellow
      • DekaPink
      • Dekaranger Robo
    • Wave 2: A New Detective Appears Edition
      • DekaMaster
      • Doggie Kruger
      • DekaBreak
      • DekaBike Robo
      • DekaRed
      • Anaroid
    • Wave 3:
      • DekaRed SWAT Mode
      • DekaBlue SWAT Mode
      • DekaGreen SWAT Mode
      • DekaYellow SWAT Mode
      • DekaPink SWAT Mode
      • DekaWing Robo

TSD GPdekarangerrobo
TSD GPdekawing
  • Capsule Combination (カプセル合体 Kapuseru Gattai)
    • Wave 1: Dekaranger Robo
      • PatStriker
      • PatGyrer
      • PatTrailer
      • PatArmor
      • PatSigner
    • Wave 2: DekaWing Robo
      • PatWing 1
      • PatWing 2
      • PatWing 3
      • PatWing 4
      • PatWing 5

TSD GPswing
  • Dekaranger Keychains
    • DekaRed
    • DekaBlue
    • DekaGreen
    • DekaYellow
    • DekaPink
    • Dekaranger Robo

TSG GPsofubi
  • Soft Vinyl Collection (ソフビコレクション Sofubi Korekushon)
    • DekaRed
    • DekaBlue
    • DekaGreen
    • DekaYellow
    • DekaPink
    • Dekaranger Robo

TSD GPmagnets
  • Dekaranger Magnets (デカレンジャー くっつくんです Dekarenjā Kuttsukun desu)
    • DekaRed
    • DekaBlue
    • DekaGreen
    • DekaYellow
    • DekaPink
    • DekaMaster
    • DekaBreak
    • Doggie Kruger
    • Dekaranger Robo

Exclusive Releases

TSD HGlimited

TSD SPminipla
  • Metallic Plated Minipla Figures

TSD DXdekaroboblack
  • Dekaranger Robo Black Version

TSD DXdekarobometallic
  • Dekaranger Robo Metallic Version

TSD DXdekarobogold
  • Dekaranger Robo Gold-Plated Version

TSD DXdekabasegold
  • DekaBase Robo Gold-Plated Version


TSD popinicamachines

Popinica DekaMachines Set (ポピニカ デカマシンセット Popinika Deka Mashin Setto) is a set of five diecast mini vehicles modeled after the Dekarangers' mecha. They cannot transform or combine.

TSD chess

Chess Piece Collection DX: Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger Twin-Cam Angels Edition (チェスピースコレクションDX 「特捜戦隊デカレンジャー ツインカム・エンジェル編 Chesu Pīsu Korekushon Derakkusu "Tokusō Sentai Dekarenjā Tsuin Kamu Enjeru-hen") are Dekaranger-themed chess pieces produced by Megahouse and packaged in blind boxes. The two secret figures are of Jasmine and Umeko.


Girls in Uniform (ガールズ・イン・ユニフォーム Gāruzu in Yunifōmu) was a line of statuettes of heroines and villainesses released by Bandai. Jasmine was introduced in volume 1 and two versions of Umeko, a S.P.D. uniform version and a secret bathrobe version, were introduced in volume 3. A special "Girls in Trouble Version" of Jasmine with an electric guitar was available through "Tokusatsu Newtype Magazine".

RSS dekarangerrobo

Rangers Strike Solid (レンジャーズストライク ソリッド Renjāzu Sutoraiku Soriddo) is a line of statuettes released in 2007 that are based off of artwork from the discontinued Rangers Strike card game. Each measures about 10 centimeters tall and came in two color schemes: standard and metallic paint. One such statuette of the card RS-042 was created, which features Dekaranger Robo.


Excellent Models: Dekaranger Heroines (エクセレントモデル デカレンジャーヒロインズ Ekuserento Moderu Dekarenjā Hiroinzu) are statuettes of Jasmine and Umeko released by MegaHouse in 2009.

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