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"DekaBike, launch!"
―Summoning announcement.[src]

DekaBike / DekaBike Robo (デカバイク/デカバイクロボ, Deka Baiku/Deka Baiku Robo): A giant motorcycle piloted by DekaBreak, and comes when the command "DekaBike, launch!" is given. Equipped with two Laser Beams. It can be ridden on by Dekaranger Robo, known as Riding Dekaranger Robo, and through this formation, it can combine with the Dekaranger Robo to form Super Dekaranger Robo. DekaBike Robo becomes Dekaranger Robo's helmet, chest armor, back, shoulders, fists, and lower legs). Though DekaBike is never seen flying in Earth's atmosphere, it is capable of interstellar flight and is used as a means of interstellar transport on several occasions. It was destroyed in the finale when Tetsu set it to remote control and had it ram into the DekaBase Robo with Rainian Agent Abrella at the controls in a kamikaze attack, which only proved to be futile. However, like Dekaranger Robo, it was rebuilt to help the Magirangers in a fight against two Alienizers and a Hades Beastman.

Tokusou Henkei DekaBike Robo

"Tokusou Transformation!"
―Transformation announcement.[src]

When the command "Special Investigation Transformation!" (Tokusō Henkei) is given, it can become DekaBike Robo, which possesses two Sleeve Sword (スリーブソード Surību Sōdo) jackknives and can initiate either its Sonic Boom special attack or its Sword Tornado (ソードトルネード Sōdo Torunēdo) finishing move.

Other Combinations

Riding Dekaranger Robo

While in Bike mode, DekaBike can be mounted by Dekaranger Robo to form Riding Dekaranger Robo (ライディングデカレンジャーロボ, Raidingu Dekarenjā Robo). In this formation, Dekaranger Robo is able to travel at high speed in order to pursue fleeing opponents and can use its Signal Cannon for the Riding Justice Flasher attack. From Riding Dekaranger Robo, Dekaranger Robo can combine with Dekabike even further to form Super Dekaranger Robo.

Cho Tokusou Gattai Super Dekaranger Robo

"Super Tokusou Fusion!"
―Combination announcement.[src]

When Dekaranger Robo combines with DekaBike through Riding Dekaranger Robo formation, they form Super Dekaranger Robo by the command "Super Special Investigation Combination!" (Chō Tokusō Gattai). Super Dekaranger Robo is equipped with jet engines which allow it to maneuver at super speed as well as perform its finisher, Gatling Punch, where it strikes with a barrage of high-speed punches, and Dynamite Upper, a powerful uppercut punch that is powerful enough to break through a huge amount of steel.


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