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―final words before death

Deinbaruto of the Morning Star (明星のデインバルト Myōjō no Deinbaruto) is a Desapoda Alien (デサプオダ星人 Desapuoda Seijin) and Gyōten'ō's right-hand man who is one of the last remaining members of Warstar after Mons Drake's destruction.


Deinbaruto takes the the stone from Rasil and unseals the Horn of Ragnarok (ラグナロクの角笛 Ragunaroku no Tsunobue) from the two stones while the Goseigers fought Gyoten'o the Warstar aliens take their leave. Later, Gyōten'ō & Deinbaruto are greeted by Buredoran who assumes his Warstar guise and offers his services before Gyōten'ō gives Deinbaruto the Horn to begin the end of the world.

Assuring Rasil that he and the other Gosei Angels will stop it, Alata is joined his allies before they all ambushed by revived phantoms of Warstar aliens who subject them through a series of illusions before Gosei knight arrives and defeats the phantoms.

The Gosei Angels arrive to where Gyōten'ō & Deinbaruto are transforming into their Goseiger forms to fight them and Buredoran after Gyōten'ō swallows the Horn of Ragnarok. While Fighting the Goseigers, Deinbaruto is destroyed by the female Goseigers.


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Powers and Abilities


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  • Flight: He is able to use his wings to fly.


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  • Claw Blades: He is armed with a pair of Claw Blade in combat.

Behind the Scenes



  • He is modeled after a stalk-eyed fly.

Concept Art


  • Deinbaruto is named after the movie Deep Impact (ディープ・インパクト, Dīpu Inpakuto).


  • Deinbaruto of the Morning Star was not adapted for Power Rangers.


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