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"What a bunch of nonsense."
―Degius's first words
"I'm sorry. In the end, I betrayed another planet....."
―Degius's final words before his death

Degius (デギウス, Degiusu) (40): A wrecking ball-themed forced Majin, Degius was once a warrior of good who became corrupted. He is eventually killed after Black Marketeer Biznella's mind control collar forces him evil again where the Barban used Degius as a conduit of energy, the energy source being a passing asteroid, to successfully revive Daitanix. After his death, GingaYellow turns Degius' sword into a monument of sorts to remember him by placing his sword on the beach to look like a cross gravestone sticking out of the sand.



concept art

Degius' name comes from "Tekkyu", the japanese word for "Wrecking Ball".


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